Mother’s diet after childbirth

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After childbirth most women earn some extra pounds.

Worries about the diet do not have to contribute to stress and sleepless nights that are part of a new mother’s life.

Learn from a team of specialists who are the best foods you can eat to keep fit and to return to the desired silhouette.


1. Overview
2. Extra energy
3. The importance of knowing the nutrients
4. Avoid return to the pre-pregnancy diet

Extra energy

Solution to increase your energy levels are not necessarily the hours of sleep, but rather that eat during the day. One of the main aspects of a healthy diet is a high level of energy.

It is important to eat more meals throughout the day so as to achieve the required number of calories. In this way, fresh mother may have power to take care of herself and the baby.

The importance of knowing the nutrients

When you eat foods rich in nutrients you will notice that some of them will provide calories for a long time. The feel of satiety installs quickly and you have the mood to feed your baby at 3 am.

Experts recommend to eat:
- Fruits and vegetables
- Whole grains
- Lean protein – such as fish, beef and soy foods
- Dairy products – preferably low-fat
- Greens.

You need an additional intake of iron, especially if you suffer from postpartum depression. It is found mainly in fortified cereals, prune juice and lean meats. Mothers who gave birth by caesarean section should learn that vitamin C is useful for wound healing. You can enjoy it by eating oranges, tomatoes and fruit juices.

If you want a snack, you need to make wise choices. Stay away from packaged snacks, as they are full of artificial sweeteners and instead choose any of the following products:
- Integral crackers with humus
- Nuts and peanuts
- A cup of skim milk with grains
- A hard-boiled egg with carrots
- Low-fat cheese with fruit
- Peanut butter on apple slices
- Plain yogurt with some berries; avoiding sugar

Avoid return to the pre-pregnancy diet

Were you born and now you are thinking back to the old diet? This is one of the biggest mistakes women make when trying to lose weight after becoming mothers.

Mother status will involve a high level of fatigue until you adjust to the new routine so you will need a diet that will help you not experience hunger and lack of energy.

It is important to be included in your diet foods rich in nutrients. Consumption of refined carbohydrates, white bread and sugary products will give little satisfaction and increase sharply blood sugar levels, making you feel more tired than you already are.

Breastfeeding will contribute to the gradual loss of the number of additional pounds. However you should not despair because by using certain nutrients you need, you will be able to start physical training very soon.



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