Myths about beauty

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Ideally would be that the inner beauty to triumph over the exterior look, but humans are designed to care about appearances and about the way they look.

Posters or video commercials at various hair care products and perfect body shows models with flawless bodies and faces. Such, perceptions of the outer beauty may be distorted and many young people or people of all ages crave and strive to be perfect.


1. Overview
2. The truth behind the myths about beauty

The truth behind the myths about beauty

1. Myth. Due to the adoption of cross-legged position, feet will be covered by varicose veins.
Truth. Long periods of sitting in cross-legged position and adoption will not cause varicose veins but prolonged standing may be the cause of pronounced veins. These occur in people who have a genetic predisposition or that work requires prolonged standing, which causes difficulty pumping blood from the legs to the heart.

If the valves that keep blood flow in one direction in the blood vessels do not function properly, blood can accumulate in certain portions of the veins and the result will be unsightly veins. Pregnancy or an accident could put pressure on the circulatory system. Other injuries, such as those resulting from blows during sports activities can cause varicose veins or spider veins.

2. Myth. Cellulite can be treated.
Truth. Not even liposuction can permanently remove cellulite. It is made up of fatty deposits located between the fibrous bands that connect the skin tissues. Bands push the fat under the skin resulting in a texture similar to orange peel.

Genetics is what determines whether or not a person will make cellulite. No matter if a person is fat or thin. Unpleasant appearance of the skin can be improved by using creams that gives skin firmness. These include those containing caffeine have the most effective action, smoothing the skin. However, even a moisturizer may help moisturize skin and cellulite will be less obvious. Keep in mind that artificial tan can successfully hide cellulite, so the auto-tanning creams can have a benefic effect.

3. Myth. After you have shaved hair will darken and will thicken.
Truth. Hair that is cut will grow to a point, will be larger at the base and the peak narrowest. When used razor, hair is cut at the base, so that when it increases it will seem thicker but razor do not change the thickness, density or color of your hair.

4. Myth. Apply petroleum jelly on the skin during the night, will prevent wrinkles.
Truth. Grease is one of the most powerful hydrating solutions in existence since forcing oil penetration into the skin and prevents their evaporation. As skin ages, it loses its ability to retain moisture, while dry skin will be less wrinkled.

Vaseline can make wrinkles less visible because it moisturizes the skin, but can’t prevent aging. Only a cream with an active ingredient, whose action has been demonstrated, such as retinol, helps diminish wrinkles. In addition, the grease is so oily that can lead to other problems, including pimples or blackheads.

5. Myth. Maintaining a long time the polish on your nails will lead to yellowing nails.
Truth. This is true, but you can apply protective solutions to avoid nail discoloration. Nails are porous and absorb pigment from the nail polish. Darker colors, especially red ones have more pigment, so they often stain nails. Before you apply nail polish is recommended to use protective solutions to prevent the nail from the pigment absorption.

6. Myth. Pores can be reduced with egg white
Truth. In fact, it is impossible to shrink pores. By applying egg white on face, pores may appear smaller because egg white tightens the skin giving the illusion of shrinking pores, but the effect is temporary.

7. Myth. If using waxing for hair removal, hair will be rare.
Truth. Wax pulls the hair follicle and if this action is repeated for a long time, follicles may be damaged and could not grow back so quickly. Therefore, waxing may have the advantage of keeping your legs smoother for a longer period of time and not to contribute to thinning hair.

8. Myth. Some creams for treating hemorrhoids relieve swelling around the eyes.
Truth. This is a secret of makeup experts and there is enough evidence that hemorrhoids creams soothe puffiness. The ingredient responsible for reducing inflammation is phenylephrine, which temporarily constricts blood vessels. However, the use of any hemorrhoid creams around the eyes can cause dry and even sensitive skin inflammation.

9. Myth. Eye rubbing may determine the wrinkles occurrence.
Truth. Eye corner wrinkles will not form by rubbing the eyes when a person is tired, but gravity and repetitive facial muscle movements that occur when someone smiles or frowns, cause breakdown of collagen in the skin and create wrinkles along time.

10. Myth. Cocoa butter and olive oil prevent stretch marks.
Truth. Unfortunately this is not true. Stretch marks occur when skin stretches rapidly (such as pregnancy), when there is breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers that normally support it, or simply due to inheritance. Stretch marks are formed in the top layer of skin, where cocoa butter or olive oil can’t penetrate. Instead, these products can relieve itching of the skin when it stretches.

11. Myth. Brushing your hair 100 times will make it shine.
Truth. This action can do more harm than good. The hair will break if is brushed too much. However, gently brushing the hair, give hair shine by distributing the natural oils from the scalp to the hair and smooth cuticles will better reflect light. By brushing will remove impurities and stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which will nourish and maintain healthy hair follicles.

12. Myth. Artificial tan and toothpaste help treat pimples.
Truth. It has been shown that light with a certain frequency stimulates the production of a chemical that helps to eradicate the bacteria that cause acne. But even if the sun temporary helps treat pimples may have been a rebound effect: if the skin becomes dry and damaged due to the long time spent in the light of the sun, the body’s response is to produce more fat.

In addition, sun exposure cause greater problems such as premature aging and skin cancer. Regarding toothpaste, it often contains menthol which will dry out pimples, but other ingredients that are normally in toothpaste composition may irritate the skin. There are also multiple treatments that may be recommended by the doctor to treat pimples with fewer side effects.

13. Myth. If a person will sleep on his back or on a satin pillow will not wrinkle.
Truth. In this statement there is a hint of truth. As you age, collagen and elastin fibers break down so when a person will bury the face in the pillow will increase pressure on these fibers for several hours, and the skin will take a longer time to recover. If a person has a pattern of sleeping on a certain side, the face will more wrinkled on that side, but the difference will not be very visible. Studies have shown that sleeping on your back helps skin remain taut, but not enough. Sunscreen used daily has a more important role than sleeping on a satin pillow or back.

14. Myth. Rinsing hair with beer helps to thicken hair.
Truth. Rinsing hair with beer will make it brighter and bulky, but the underlying problem is that it might smell. An alternative could be a shampoo containing hops.

15. Myth. Mayonnaise makes hair shiny.
Truth. Mayonnaise contains oil that will make your hair shinier, but to avoid oily hair or discomfort, apply the following method: it will apply some mayonnaise mixed with a teaspoon of vanilla extract (to reduce the smell of mayonnaise) on unwashed hair. Then cover your hair with a warm towel for 20 minutes for the mayonnaise to penetrate the hair shaft. Before washing your hair, apply shampoo and massage your hair, without rinsing for several minutes. This will help remove excess oil. Rinse with warm water and hair will be shiny and silky. If the idea of putting different spices in your hair seems unpleasant, you can try a special hair care treatment that contains oil and egg, basic ingredients of mayonnaise.

16. Myth. Do not pluck any white hairs because will grow ten of these in that place.
Truth. This is false. How to form another 10 new hair follicles after pulled just one? The best solution for white hair to be no longer visible and disturbing is to cover it with special dye.

17. Myth. Hair grows faster in summer than in winter.
Truth. Although studies have shown that men’s beards grow faster in summer, there is no evidence to confirm that this is true for the hairs found on the scalp. Even women, who said that hair grows faster in summer than in winter, consider that the difference is very small and faint. The only time in women’s life, when it’s confirmed scientifically that hair grows faster, is during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

18. Myth. Water prevents skin dryness.
Truth. Skin moisture is provided by oil, not water. Of course drinking water contributes to the proper functioning of body organs and too little water can determine a pale skin, but skin can still be dry even if a person consumes eight glasses of water a day.

19. Myth. People who get enough sleep are more beautiful.
Truth. It seems that it is not even entirely a myth. People seem more rested more beautiful and attractive than others who do not rest enough. Hence the name of “beauty sleep”; sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Those who get enough sleep will not only have a pleasant aesthetic but will be healthy and disease resistance capacity will be higher. Equally important is routine and constant habit: people who do not sleep regularly and do not have a sleep routine will look tired and paste energy because their body gets tired after changes and different sleep rhythms. Of course that a lost night followed by sufficient rest hasn’t the same effect as a long period when the person has been deprived of the required rest.



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