Myths about hair care

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You all know how stressful is the hair that falls and shrivels at the first sign of rain or that is dry and damaged.

Experts have found that there are a number of rules to be followed and others to be rather broken.


1. Overview
2. Apply styling products to wet hair
3. Always use conditioner after shampoo
4. The hair will be more beautiful if it is brushed 100 times
5. Dyeing damages the hair
6. Only coarse and dry hair needs conditioner
7. Always comb when hair is wet
8. Change the shampoo if it does not give desired results
9. You should trim every six weeks
10. Dry your hair from back to front
11. Avoid conditioner if you have oily hair
12. Daily shampooing damages the hair

Apply to wet hair styling products

If you just got out of the shower, do not apply styling products on hair when it is still wet. This way your styling products will be diluted and will be less effective.

A better option is to apply styling products when your hair is almost dry, only slightly wet, and if possible, hair should be left to dry naturally. However, short hair makes an exception to the rule because it will dry quickly.

Always use conditioner after shampoo

Using a conditioner depends on hair type. If you have dry and damaged hair, you will definitely want to use conditioner after shampooing, but a thin hair will be better cared and will look more beautiful if the order will be reversed.

Some stylists recommend applying conditioner, heating with a hair dryer for a few minutes (for the product to act as well) and then shampooing to remove any excess product from hair. Thus the hair will be perfectly hydrated, clean and shiny.

The hair will be more beautiful if it is brushed 100 times

Unfortunately if you do this, your hair will break, you can activate the sebaceous glands and hair will gain weight.

Brushing correctly is essential since spread natural oils underlying root hair throughout the hair. But is enough to brush your hair fewer times, with a soft, quality brush.

Dyeing damages the hair

Let’s make some people happy and say that this rule is wrong. 15 or 20 years ago, dyeing and hair coloring products were more harmful for hair.

In our days, these contain ingredients that are designed to protect the hair. Do not be afraid to dye your hair, however, choose quality products and follow the instructions carefully.

Only coarse and dry hair needs conditioner

If you feel that you avoid using conditioner just because you have thin hair, you are wrong. If not well groomed, thin hair wire may break and become even softer than it is.

The solution for conditioner using, if your hair is thin, is to choose the correct formula. Use a protein based conditioner instead of a moisturizer, considering that this will keep hair smooth and healthy without deteriorating it.

Always comb when hair is wet

Tangled hair can be easily combed and untangle with a comb. Experts recommend to use a little conditioner or a few drops of argan oil, then the hair will be more easily brushed or combed. Of course, if you find this operation very simple, you can untangle your hair even with a good quality brush.

Change the shampoo if it does not give desired results

This is a common problem. Several weeks after using the same shampoo and conditioner, for example, the hair just does not look as good as when you started to use these products.

Causes could be: either shampoo contains too much surfactants or contains ingredients that dry the hair. The solution is to replace it with products that do not contain sulfates or silicone to minimize the dry effects on your hair.

If you can’t give up products used currently, use a cleansing shampoo every few washes to soften the possible unpleasant consequences.

You should trim every six weeks

Firstly you spend your money if you will trim every six weeks. A beautiful haircut’s style should keep at least three months.

If you are dissatisfied of your haircut after a few weeks, probably was not the right one for you. Usually a good stylist will want to please the customer by discussing before about the haircut, by giving him advice on how to be to take care of his hair or how could to arrange hair at home.

Dry your hair from back to front

Would be preferable to let the hair dry naturally without using hair dryer. Often it is recommended that hot-air gun to begin drying the hair from back to front and from top to bottom.

Even if it seems the most convenient method, this will not be and the result of which will get the best results. The front and top of the hair are what everyone sees and they should be hairdresser first.

In this way there is no chance that hair wrinkle or radically change its form before the it is completely dry.

Avoid conditioner if you have oily hair

For oily hair, you should not blame the conditioner, but the health of the scalp. Oily hair is caused by a scalp problem. Treatment for oily hair consists in cleansing sebum and deposits the covers the scalp pores.

For this purpose it will be used stimulating oils and exfoliation, which will remove deposits and then use an exfoliating shampoo and a light conditioner. Can be tried, for example, jojoba oil, which may be the closest natural hair oils.

Daily shampooing damages the hair

When it comes to frequency of shampooing hair, it can be said that this depends on the type of hair and scalp health but also personal preferences. Shampoo keeps your scalp clean, helps remove sebum and impurities and helps the hair follicle to breathe every day.

Most important is to use a shampoo that is suitable for the hair type of each person. A too powerful shampoo will dry scalp and hair and make it impossible to wash every day.



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