Nail aspect changes: Normal or pointing towards an illness?

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Even though they are a tiny peace of our organism, nails are very importnat. By looking carefuly at them you might observe that changes occure in their aspect quite often. Sometimes nails can be the mirror of your health system, meaning that nails can change their aspect if you suffer of different ilnesses and defficiencies, and so, they let you know something is not ok in your body.

Pitting – if minor you don’t need to worry, but in case it gets deeper or you observe the separation of the nail from the nail bed, you should think of a skin disease like Natural Nailpsoriasis or eczema.

Clubbing- This situation can be found in people suffering of chronic lung, liver, heart or thyroid affections. You can recognise clubbing if the ends of the fingers swell and the adjacent nails bulge outward. Clubbing can also be encountered at the toes too. The nails have a shinier, and more raised and curved aspect than usual.

Thickened nails can be the result of poor blood circulation, or more serious, of a fungal infection. Yellow, thick or brittle nails can also be the response to a fungal infection smoking, or an injury. Sometimes after a direct impact with a hard object over the nail (like hammers and other tools) the nail might fall after a few days. Don’t worry, it normally grows back in a few weeks.

Ridging – normally this changing occur in time as we age, but you can find it in infections and injuries too.

Spoon shaped nails can be a consequence of an iron deficiency. Such a nail aspect can be found often in children and by correcting the iron defficiency the nails will gain back their normal aspect.

Pincer nails. These nails are curved inward and they look like tubes. Situations that lead to such a nail aspect would be: wearing too tight shoes. So, ladies if you observe such a change in your toe nails you can rest assure for it is cause by wearing unproper shoes for your legs.

The point with this article is to draw your attention upon the fact that even tiny pieces of our body, that some people ignore, can let us know at any time that we should go to a doctor and deeply check things out.




  1. I have been wondering about ridges beginning to appear in my nails. Glad to know it’s usually a sign of getting older (I think).

  2. I try to keep my nails as clean and short as possible with the occasional pedicure.

    I know alot of my girlfriends get their pedicures and manicures done weekly. I’m sure that can have some sort of effect on your nails as well.

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