4 Best Natural home Remedies and cures for Athlete's Foot

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Athletes Foot or Tinea Pedis is the fungal infection of the skin, usually the feet, which results in flaking, scaling and itching of the affected area. It is usually seen in the spaces between the toes of the foot. This infection is typically contracted from constant exposure to moist atmospheres. Apart from the general symptoms, the patient may also experience blisters, pain, inflammation and exposure of the raw tissue.

In sever cases antibiotics are necessary to treat this infection. Along with the fungal infection various bacterial infections may also affect the skin. From the foot the infection may also spread to various parts of the body including the groin, however the infection is called with different names based on the body part it affects. It is called Tinea Cruris when it infects the groin region. Athlete’s foot is a communicable disease and is usually transmitted through sharing footwear.

Apart from medications there are various home remedies to treat athlete’s foot.

Some of the best home remedies and cures for athlete’s foot are :

  1. Tea Tree oil is found to be the most effective remedy for athletes foot. Four to ten drops of tea tree oil should be applied on the affected areas at least three times a day. Tea tree oil contains best anti fungal properties and can be applied everyday until the infection is completely cured.
  2. Aloe Vera gel is also one of the best remedies. The aloe Vera gel can be directly applied on the affected area. A mixture of aloe Vera gel and tea tree oil also works as a very effective remedy
  3. Seeds of the grape fruit also have very string snit fungal properties. Extracts of the grape fruit seeds should be applied on the affected areas. This can be applied three to four times a day.
  4. Diet plays a major role in controlling athlete’s foot. People suffering from athlete’s foot must avoid baked foods and foods that contain yeast. Alcohol and vinegar must also be avoided

          Apart from good hygiene one must take various measures keep their feet dry. Using antiperspirants and antifungal powders and creams help prevent athlete’s foot effectively.




          1. from my expirence in the army, the main thing is to keep the foot with out shoes as much as you can.

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