Natural remedies for breast cancer

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1. Overview

Herbal remedies for breast cancer include consumption of garlic, broccoli, grapes, green tea, lignans, green wheat, soy, vitamin D and calcium. Breast cancer is characterized by the growth of malignant tissue in the breast. It can be classified as ductal, lobular or inflammatory, according to place of origin.

Breast cancer can be caused by alcohol consumption, radiation in the breast, the birth of the first child at a young age or very advanced age, increased intake of progesterone or estrogen, etc. Breast cancer can be observed as a result of the manifestation of many symptoms.

Remedies against breast cancer do not cure the disease but stimulates the immune system to destroy cancerous tissue to a certain extent. However, a proper lifestyle and eating habits are recommended for patients with breast cancer longevity.

Although not curable, breast cancer can be prevented by certain precautions and a balanced lifestyle. Once started, it cannot be stopped, but the consumption of healthy foods, nutrients, for the fight against cancer, to avoid penetration of pathogens and activate the immune system to fight cancer cells.

Patients following chemotherapy or radiotherapy should adopt a special diet, because the two methods of treatment tend to give rise to various side effects such as hair loss, nausea, etc.


1. Overview
2. Natural remedies for breast cancer

2. Natural remedies for breast cancer

Among the remedies that can be used at home to treat breast cancer are:

- Consumption of broccoli and cabbage whose action was confirmed by researchers.

- The use of black cohosh grass (Cimicifuga racemosa) supplements for preventing breast cancer. Following laboratory studies confirmed that the extracts from this plant, which is part of the treatment for reducing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, can inhibit the growth of specific cells of breast cancer.

- To reduce the amount of unwanted estrogen metabolites, it is recommend the supplementation with DIM (diindolylmethane).

- It is well known that garlic has antibiotic properties that may be useful for treating infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi, fungus, etc. Scientists believe that the presence of sulfur compounds makes it an important agent in the fight against cancer.

- Grapes contain a compound called proanthocyanidin which reduces the body’s production of estrogen. It can be an effective treatment for breast cancer, as shown in clinical trials on an important set of patients with breast cancer. It was found that a drug called doxorubicin enhance the antitumor activity of the grape extract or grape juice consumed daily.

- It has been shown that green wheat, consumed as juice or raw participates to the regression of cancer cell growth. It has the ability to improve the immune system and helps eliminate toxins.

- Soy is considered essential for patients suffering from breast cancer. Soy contains phytoestrogens and several compounds that block the cancer cells to use estrogens. It is rich in isoflavones that prevent cancer.

- Calcium is important to use especially during the menopause in women. It has been shown to reduce breast cancer risk. Foods with high levels of calcium are salmon, orange juice, almonds and green vegetables.

- Green tea has antitumor effect on breast cancer cells. Green tea is effective in preventing tumors but also reduce their negative consequences, can inhibit tumor growth and induce death of breast cancer cells. The importance of these studies is even greater as it has been shown that phytochemicals in green tea are able to activate the anticancer program to destroy the cancer cells.

- Will reduce the intake of foods harmful for the body as sugar and grain carbohydrate. It is advisable to avoid eating meat, beef, lamb and pork, as it contains large amounts of saturated fat. Eating small amounts of red meat will reduce the risk of cancer including prostate and colon cancer.

- The importance of testing for food allergies. For example, blueberries are rich in antioxidants but if a sick person is allergic to them, the disease will worsen. Anyone suffering from chronic or critical illnesses should verify IgE and IgG4 value. Thanks to IgE results the food allergens can be seen immediately, while IgG4 determine the presence of an allergy manifested after a long period of time even after 4 days.

- Reducing exposure to environmental toxins such as fertilizers, pesticides, household chemicals, synthetic air fresheners, scented candles, car’s emissions, air pollution. For removal of heavy metals from the body can use various treatments or can be consumed fresh coriander in salads.

- Instead of fry food, you can boil or steam it.

- Will increase or at least will normalize levels of omega-3 and omega-6. To do this, it will consume fish oil and reduce intake of processed vegetable oils.

- Intake of vitamin D was associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. This vitamin can be found in the following food composition: milk, eggs, cod liver oil, but not in cheese and yogurt.

- Will do exercise regularly, even if it is just a daily walk. One of the main benefits of physical activity is that it helps lowering the insulin levels.

- Rest is essential. Research has shown that when the immune system is compromised need 9 hours of sleep during the night to rebalance it.

- Will limit exposure to radio waves produced by mobile antennas, base stations, phones, computers and wireless routers.

- Will seek development and cultivation of spiritual life through short meditations, insights, touring, hobbies, music, reading, etc.



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