Natural remedies for rebel cough

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Spring has installed once again and together with her cold and flu has come too. The catarrh will eventually pass after an intense treatment we follow, but quite often exasperating coughs remain afterwards and we might not know how to treat them.

The couch is one of the most frequent symptoms found within the respiratory affections. The dry cough is a sign of the irritation or the inner tissue of the respiratory tract and due to the fact that it does not produce any expectoration and its episodes start at short intervals of time, this type of cough is not easy to bear by a lot of us. The wet cough consists in eliminating the secretions of the inner layer of the respiratory tract by coughing.

Besides using the cough syrups and drugs doctors recommend us, we can also use natural remedies for treating a rebel cough.

A very efficient tea can be prepared by using plantain leafs and buds of pine. Plantain contains substances that are good for nasal decongestion. The buds of pine have antiseptic properties. Other useful tea that helps expectoration produce and also calms down the coughing access is the tea made from nettle and cowslip. You can add to this tea one or two teaspoon of honey. Drink the tea warm, not cold.

Onion syrup is also a great natural remedy for resolving a dreadful cough. One big unpeeled onion is being small sliced and then boiled in ½ liter of water until the quantity of water remains at 250 ml. After that honey is being added to this so called tea. You can take daily 3-4 teaspoons of this syrup.

Linden tea is a more pleasant and delicious form of treatment for rough coughs. It is well known that the flowers of linden have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. The tea can be prepared by adding one spoon of dried linden flowers to 200 ml of boiled water. 3 to 4 cups of tea can be drinked daily, of course sweetened with a bit of honey.

Another natural solution for getting rid of the cough is drinking black radish syrup. Here is the way this syrup can be prepared at home: You take the radish and cut it into half. In the middle of each of the two halves you make a cavity with the help of a spoon. You fill these two cavities with honey or sugar and then let them sleep for 6 hours. After the time has passed you will see that syrup has collected into those holes you made. Drink that syrup for a better immune system and emollient effects upon the respiratory system. The same radish can be used for 2 to 3 times more. Positive results will be seen in 2 days.

Even though these natural solutions we recommend in this article might seem bitter, try them and you will see that most of them even taste great. For example the linden tea and the buds of pine tea will enjoy your senses for real and you will want to try them daily. You can do so as their daily intake is not harmful at all. Even the radish syrup tastes sweet, thanks to the honey you add to the composition.

We hope these natural remedies for cough will be of great help to you and we wish you a lovely spring!



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