Natural remedies for urinary tract infections

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1. Overview

There are both pros and cons regarding natural remedies that can prevent or treat urinary tract infections.

Some doctors believe that the use of antibiotics increases the risk of urinary tract infections recurrence and that by using this type of treatment many bacteria become more resistant to medication.

It is therefore necessary to modify lifestyle and to try rather natural treatments, homeopathic or others specific treatments of alternative medicine, to prevent and cure urinary tract infections.


1. Overview
2. Alternative treatment
3. Remedies

2. Alternative treatment

Hydrogen-ion concentration (pH) of the urine is one of the indicators used to determine how much urine is an environment for bacterial growth. On a scale from 0-14, level 7 is alkaline and a neutral environment and the more urine is less than 7 with both acidity becomes.

The research and studies to detect the amount to which infections develop it was found that bacteria do not survive long in a urine whose pH is alkaline. To create this type of environment and alkaline urine can use a number of minerals, particularly citrates.

A constant dose of calcium or magnesium citrate supplements may be useful in the treatment of bladder infections. Because the infected urine that remains in the bladder during the night can cause irritation, mineral supplements should be used before bedtime to have optimum effect.

Although some herbal remedies can be used safely, their success being confirmed, however, it is important to consult a doctor before following any treatment, even if it is natural. If a urinary tract infection is treated improperly, it can spread to the kidneys, even if the symptoms seem to improve.

3. Remedies

1. Cranberry juice – it has been used for over a century to prevent and treat urinary tract infections. Although in the past it was thought that the positive effect of cranberries is justified by the production of acid in the urine, recent evidence suggests that cranberries contain some substances that are designed to prevent the adhesion of bacteria to the urinary tract walls. Thus, bacteria can be easily removed by urine.

2. Cantaris, apis mellifica, staphysagria, sarsasparilla – are four of the most common remedies to treat various symptoms of urinary tract infection.

3. Uva ursi – is a popular herb used as a remedy for certain types of urinary tract infections. This plant contains a substance that will be broken down and excreted in the kidneys, where it seems to have antiseptic properties.

Uva ursi also contains significant amounts of tannins that can affect the liver after prolonged use of this herb. Therefore, people with kidney or liver disease, pregnant women, nursing women and children will not use uva ursi.

Among the side effects that occur following the administration of this plant are: brown or green colored urine, nausea, ringing in the ears or indigestion. In rare cases, uva ursi has been associated with the development of retinal lesions, convulsions, cyanosis, cancer or even death when ingested large quantities for long periods of time.



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