Natural Treatment 4 Plants To Treat Sunburn

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For a lot of people going to the beach can be a source of stress. This is because sunburns occur most frequent during the first days of relaxation on the beach. People are either using an inadequate sun-block cream for their type of skin or they don’t use it at all considering that the sun is skin friendly.

For those who have a mediterranean type of skin, sun should not be a problem when talking about sunburns. These lucky people can use a low factor sun-block cream or lotion as they will never get burned if lying on the beach. Unfortunately light skinned people are obliged to use during the first days of tanning a 40+ sun-block lotion, and some of them still get burned.

The good news is that in case accidents do happen and you get burned while tanning, nature is here to help you.


1. Chamomile. You can apply bandages with chamomile infusion or essential oil. This plant helps our body to quickly regenerate its damaged cells. Not to mention its antiseptic properties. Chamomile protects the skin against infections and reduces the well known unpleasant sensation caused by sunburns.

2. Marigolds. Are very efficient for calming down scathing. Apply bandages with marigold infusion over th affected skin areas. In one day you will see how the skin starts to heal.

3.Aloe Vera. If you have this plant in the house it is great, for you can apply directly on your skin the juice obtained from squeezing one leaf. If you do not have the plant you can buy aloe gel which is useful against sunburns as well.

4.Strawberries. Besides the fact that they taste great, they are also good for the skin. Apply a mixture of strawberries and yoghurt on the affected skin areas and rinse after 15 minutes.

Sun can be quite damaging for us if we do not learn how to protect ourselves against its heat. It is always best to prevent than treat, so I recommend you to use high factor protective skin lotions during the first days of tanning and later on to go for a lower grade of sun-block cream. This way you will not spoil your vacation and will not expose yourself to the risk of getting skin cancer just because you wanted to quickly obtain a tan.




  1. Nora Collins says:

    I know this sounds completely crazy but vapor rub is not just for colds anymore!! It is the greatest relief for sunburn I know of. I work with teenage girls, who are absolutely impossible when they get burned!! We use the vapor rub on their burnt skin and it takes out the itching, burning and stiffness.

    Try it…. what have you got to loose?

  2. My gf has the worse sunburns. I’ll have to pass this article along to her so that she can get some good tips off it. Thanks again!

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