NBA’s Lockout Can Lead To Injuries

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) fans have long waited for the comeback of the all-exciting NBA games, since the lockout last July 2011. And now, their wait is finally over, as the NBA finally opens its new season on Christmas day. The agile athletes are finally back in the basketball court. However, this can just prove to be the start of injury problems for some of the players. An article was published in a medical journal by a national sports medicine expert,   discussing about injury consequences of lockouts. It further advised NBA players to learn from what happened after the NFL lockout.

Furthermore, it was reported previously that Achilles tendon injuries of NFL players have magnified four times, compared to the past years. Timothy Hewett, PhD (Director of research, Ohio State University Medical Center’s Sports Medicine Department), said that analyzing what occurred in NFL, he could expect the injury rates would be doubled, tripled or quadrupled. This indeed may have a significant turnout in NBA history. He further assumed that people may be wondering how these legal disputes possibly make players highly vulnerable to injuries.

Moreover, Dr. Hewett emphasized that players did not have access to the trained medical professionals of the team during the lockout. These professionals would have assisted them in preventing, coping with and treating injuries. In addition, he cited that the preseason preparation, which involved the weeks and months before the beginning of formal practice, is critical in maintaining the health of these basketball players.

Dr. Hewett further explained that since the Achilles tendon stretches over the heel and, any injuries concerning it may have devastating outcomes, as well as exceedingly painful. He added that recovery may range from six to eight months when surgery is necessary. Additionally, one-third or more of the NFL players who suffered from Achilles tendon rupture were unable to play again; an entire year of participation was lost by those who came back.  According to Hewett, the 130-day labor wrangling before the NFL training camps officially opened indeed led to a lot of detriments. There was a price to pay on the part of the players who did not have access to their team’s sports medical professionals. A number of them suffered from injuries because their readiness to compete was affected by the lockout. Truly, preparation to play is crucial.

Knowing the 149-day NBA lockout, Dr. Hewett would like to caution the NBA athletes to be careful and perform preventive measures against this dangerous injury. Indeed, what happened in NFL should already be a lesson.




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