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Stomach ShirtRecently we have received a request for an advice from a reader of our blog, concerning a nervous stomach. Here is what our reader Sherry, asked us: “How to get healthy foods back in diet since I have had a nervous stomach due to a lot of stress over deaths in the family. I don’t know how to do this, especially vegetables.”

First of all I would like to ask Sherry if she was diagnosed with nervous stomach by her doctor. When talking about a nervous stomach doctors usually refer to the ‘Irritable bowel syndrome’. In Sherry’s case I’m not sure that her nervous stomach refers to the irritable bowel syndrome. As Sherry

did not tell me more about her condition I tend to believe that due to the emotional stress her body and mind were exposed to, the stomach was not able to accept proper food any more.

In a lot of cases after a long period of intense stress getting back to a regular healthy diet can be quite difficult. The key to eating healthy once again is to take things gradually. I recommend Sherry to make a list of what foods she enjoyed most before the stressful period and reintroduce them step by step in her diet. At first a two or three spoons from a certain food would be enough. In time the quantity of that food can be increased, but as I previously said, all things must be done gradually. The stomach needs to re-accommodate with all types of food and this can only be done by eating small quantities of different foods. This process kind of resembles the process of food diversification in babies.

You can also try natural remedies: tea made from hop, chamomile and lavender, Angelica root, Fennel seed and Lemon Balm leaves. Yoga can be of help too as it helps relaxation.

Another thing to know is that the body can’t heal if the mind is not healthy. Death can cause emotional storms inside us having as a result: depressions, eating disorders, and malfunctions of our internal organs. The whole body is turned inside out. Once the psychological problem is resolved the organs regain their usual function step by step.

I would also advice Sherry to talk to a priest or a psychologist if she did not do this until now. Support is needed in such emotional traumas, but sometimes the support of family and friends are not enough and further help needs to be sought.

I hope my answer will be of help to Sherry, I only regret not having more information about her condition so that I can offer her more solutions to her problem.

Dear Sherry, I wish you good luck and I hope better times will come for you too.




  1. Thank You for your suggestions! I will try this.Yes I have been to doctors over ths, but no advice just a bland diet.I was doing pretty good, baked or grilled chicken,baked sweet potatoe, green beans.But I miss my vegtables. That is what I really crave so much. Thank You

  2. I hope that the diversification method I have showed you in my article will prove useful in your case; if not, I will talk to some of my colleagues from the hospital and see if they have a different opinion and other suggestions.

  3. MedLady says:

    Dear Pat,
    I want you to know that you are not alone. A lot of people are passing through a resembling situation with yours. This gives me a reason for writing a new post about managing stress. I hope that it will come handy to a lot of my readers.

  4. Sorry for your loss. Here are a couple of ideas to get your stomach used to veggies again: avoid tomato items because they are from the night shade family and are actually hard to digest. Try baking squash, (cut in half, take out seeds with a spoon,pierce some air holes, rub the inside with olive oil turn upside down on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 40 mins.) You can use purred squash with cheese and pasta for a yummy dish. Avocados are also easy to eat when your stomach is off. Good luck.
    Love this blog, thanks for stopping by mine. :)

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  6. Earnestine says:

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  7. Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  8. extetaMog says:

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  9. I’ve always had a nervous stomach since i was little,could never go to restaurants just because i got nervous as a child,& when i started Kindergarden..So it came to a point that i feared overeating just because i thought i was going to vomit (Vomiting is my worse fear) So i grew up with that mentallity and am now 19 yrs old and weigh 98 pounds,i’ve always been thin and weak as a child.Now at my age i still fear restaurants because i feel that i might throw up and people will think im anorexic and what not,there have been stages in my life where i;ve controlled it and never even thought about it anymore.. but once it happens again it sticks with me for a while. I believe it;s more of a trauma,it tends to happen when i’m stressed or depressed or just simply nervous about something. (I still eat alot and am trying to gain weight)

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  11. My name is Sherry too (from Egypt) and coincidentally i was having the same problem as Sherry the previous one. what u said is exactly my case. i only have nervous stomach when i am upset or sad which really annoys me that i don’t eat well and as a fact i lose weight. i wish to be a cool person and my stomach doesn’t get affected with my psychological case. thanx

  12. Treatment of food the stomach nerves

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