New anorexia programs devised for better results

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If on the one hand the health ministry is concerned with the significant increase in the number of obese citizens in the country, one the other hand a study has confirmed that for every 100,000 people 74 new cases of anorexia are being added at an alarming rate. To combat the problem of anorexia various individual programs had been designed but according to the findings of the latest research those programs that are meant for an entire family prove to be more effective in the treatment of anorexia.

Anorexia does not only depict a malnourished state of an individual but at the same time give him the illusion because of which he perceives himself as being obese or overweight. The frenzy escalates to a level where the anorexic person may further stop eating and take other measures to reduce further weight. Girls in their teenage are at a higher risk of developing anorexia with a proliferation rate of 0.5% to 0.7%.

The major impacts of anorexia include delay in onset of puberty, retardation of normal physical growth and other health disorders. The death rate amongst anorexic adults was found to be around 5.6% and the main reason for death was revealed to be heart failure or suicide. The sample study was carried on 121 anorexia affected patients who were divided in two groups and treated on individual basis and as a part of the family based programs. The latter showed better and quicker results than the former.



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