New Blood Thinners Available To Bring Health Dilemma To Trauma Patients

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Before a new medication will be released in the mainstream market, this medication will have first to undergo series of tests and evaluation to ensure that the general public who will be consuming the drug will be safe and guaranteed that the use of the medication can actually bring health benefits rather than detriments. Also, the government is continuously monitoring the effectiveness and safety of different medications which are already available in many drug stores and in the market, not only that, continuous monitoring is especially done to the drugs which are newly released in the market. In fact, it was noted that newer blood thinner drugs can actually bring health dilemma to individuals who are taking the drug, especially among those trauma patients.

The said new blood thinner medication is known as the Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate). Expert says in the letter which was published in the issue of the New England Journal of Medicine thatb the said new blood thinner actually brought health problem such as heavy bleeding complications among trauma patients. Although the said drug have been lauded for its convenient use and the capability of enhancing the quality of life of an individual, still hidden problems which can be present among those individuals who are consuming the drug should not be taken for granted.

According to the letter which was sent to the editor of the said journal, episodes of severe bleeding in various incidents were noted among patients who have taken the said new blood thinner drug.

Dr. Bryan Cotton, lead letter author and a trauma surgeon with the University of Texas Health Science Center at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston said in the letter: “They’re bleeding out all over and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it . . . I’m helpless and hopeless when it comes into my emergency room.”

Moreover, it was said by Cotton in the letter that the real problem is that there is no strategy or measure which can actually reverse the effects of the blood thinner Pradaxa as compared to other blood thinner drugs present in the market such as the warfarin and heparin. Although there are strategies in order to at least make an effort of reversing the action of the drug, this couldbe in the form of dialysis which is very impractical for patients who are already suffering from severe bleeding.




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