New Findings in the Study of the Brain

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As per the Scientists, who are from the Medical Research Council, brain cells can be repaired after the disease or injury with the help of the protein which is produced by the brain. The study was published in the prestigious journal PNAS, has further said that the protein which is known as Betacellulin or BTC has the capacity to boost the regeneration of the brain in mice. It functions as the stimulant to the stem cells of the brain for multiplying and forming the new nerve cells. The finding further says that the BTC has the capability of enhancing the effect of the future regeneration therapies which will be applied for the conditions like traumatic brain injury, dementia and the stroke.

Normally, most of the nerve cells which are in the brain are formed before the birth of the baby and are present in the adult brain, the stem cells continue to generate new nerve cells throughout the life. These stem cells supply new neurons to olfactory bulb which is responsible for our sense of smell and also for the hippocampus which is responsible for forming learning and the memories. The stem cells which generate new neurons are housed in the two separate small niches of the brain and function from there.  The niches are responsible for producing different signals about the pace of the division of the stem cells and the type of the cell. Normally, the cells, which are in this area produce nerve cells, but if the brain has a stroke or any injury, they may produce glial cells in reaction, which leads to the formation of scar tissue.

As per Dr Robin Lovell-Badge, who led the study which was conducted at the MRC’s National Institute of Medical Research that they still haven’t understood the full functioning of the stem cell Niches, but it is clear that the fate of the stem cells is controlled by many factors which work together. He further said that the numbers of the neurons, which are made to match the demand controlled by these factor which work with a fine balance between them. These works during the normal situation but when the brain is injured due to disease or the accident or due to the stroke, the damage control is preferred by the niches at the expense of the normal repairs. He further said that the new findings may lead to the better treatment of the brain injuries in the future.




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