New molecular tests now available to detect tuberculosis

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Tuberculosis is generally caused due to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and so the infection is then carried forward by the respiratory droplets that are created during forceful maneuvers like coughing. This infection can be latent or active. People suffering from active

TB infection have symptoms caused by fast replicating tubercle bacilli. In case the infection is found to be in lungs, the symptoms include chest pain, weight loss, night sweats, cough, fatigue, fever and shortness of breath. But people having latent tuberculosis infection are the ones who have been infected earlier as well but they don’t have any symptoms of disease. More so, these people also remain at great risk to develop active TB. Tuberculosis testing is performed through a traditional time consuming test that was actually launched about 125 years ago. The test takes a few days to offer TB results. But the saddening part is that the test does not offer hundred percent accurate results. And so the researchers are trying their best to have some other kind of tuberculosis testing that can help to discover TB at a faster rate. Blood tests are although used to rule out or confirm the occurrence of active or latent TB.

In case the rests are positive, you may need to undergo other tests in order to know whether you are suffering from active TB or drug resistant strain. In fact, a study was performed by Dr. Catherina C. Boehmer, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, Geneva in order to test the sensitivity, accuracy and speed of the latest molecular test for TB designed by Cepheid Inc. of Sunnyvale in California.



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