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The quality of communal healthcare should progress tremendously, for the success of the National Health Insurance  and it is necessary to put a stop to expenditure of private health “that is running far from us”, says the health minister, Dr. Aaron during the African meeting. In actual, it is negotiable. The health minister says that the nation required 1 health care system, in case it desired to deal with the challenges of human resources, infrastructure, the cost of healthcare, the reengineering of the principal health care system and the quality of health care. The private and public healthcare system as absolute is not effectual, the minister advised. The expenditure of healthcare is running away from us and it here where the NHI plays an important role.

Though he does not know how to deal with any of these challenges in the absence of a collective health system, they cannot go on to have a healthcare system in the country where just few powerful and rich have facility to ideal health care system.

NHI in 10 point plan:

Questioned on the main and big challenge, the minister is making effort to develop equitable health care system for the general community in the public sector, says the health minister. Though there are numerous, however he says that the quality of human resources and care are the hardest challenges at times of founding NHI. The health minister even warned that NHI was the main point of the 10 point plan. In the year 2008, they boarded on a diagnostic journey to develop what was mistaken since the year 1994 and what is required to be rectified to make the health system get back on the track. The minister says that the nation would have no possibility to manage with the present HIV/AIDS burden if the programmer just depended on the present figure of doctors.



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