Novel Surgery Mends Nerves In Minutes

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American researchers now believe that a novel surgery can mend damaged nerves hence resulting in fast recovery of patients in few days or weeks. This recovery initially took long months which could also extend to a year. The research group applied a cellular mechanism which was similar to that used by many invertebrates to restore the damage of nerve axons. Their findings are published in February issue of “Periodical of Neuroscience Research”. Researchers have developed a surgery that can repair damaged nerves within few minutes resulting in the behavior by which they can be moderately repaired within days or at large it can take 2-4 weeks.

If this approach is further developed, it will be a great advancement on the present surgeries which generally imperfectly repair the lost function in long waiting months at the best.  The group studied the function which the animal cells apply in repairing the damage that occurs in their membrane and stressed on the invertebrates. They focused since invertebrates have excellent ability to regenerate the nerve axons in contrast to mammals. The axon is a long extension arising from the cell body of nerve which interacts with other muscles or the nerves.

The study owes its success to the discovery of Bittner which proved that the nerve axons of the invertebrates that are damaged from the cell body do not grow within. This is opposite to what happens with the mammals, but even then these invertebrates can survive for many months and years.  Invertebrates’ damaged proximal nerve axons try and rejoin the existing nerve axon to generate much rapid and superior repair of behavior to what happens with the mammals. To discover the long term effects and medical applications of these surgeries, MD and many other scientists collaborat at the Harvard Medical Educational Institute. They are presently conducting research to obtain approval to initiate the clinical trials.



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