Number of Smokers in the US Declined

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In their report, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shared that fewer adults in the US are smoking cigarettes in a daily basis. However, they claimed that the trend is weaker or at did not meet the government’s expectation in their rally against smoking. The report released last Tuesday stated that in 2005, 21% of the adults were reported as smokers. Last year, the statistics went down to 19.3%. Moreover, in the same time frame, people who smoked more than thirty sticks per day declined from almost 13% to about 8% last year.

Converting these percentages to actual population, the total number of Americans who stopped smoking from 2005-2010 was about 3 million. Earlier on, the CDC stated that the percentage fluctuated in the interim, and last 2009, the percentage was 20.6.

According to Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the CDC, the decline from 2005 to 2010 was a very slow trend compared to the trend that was recorded over the past forty years. Although the decline itself is a good sign, the total number of smokers in the US is still staggering and will add up to the health burden. In an interview, Dr. Frieden said that half of these smokers will die due to smoking related problems. Furthermore, he also said that “You don’t have to be a heavy smoker or a long-time smoker to get a smoking-related disease or have a heart attack or asthma attack… The sooner you quit smoking, the sooner your body can begin to heal.”

The said survey was carried out through interviewing about 27,000 US adults face to face            . The interviewees were at least 18 years old. Dr. Tim McAfee, Director of the Office on Smoking and Health, the said decline is due to the increased federal laws regulating smoking and increased state taxes on cigarettes. Clean air laws also had bearing on the decline in the number of smokers. Graphic cigarette labels containing visible risks of smoking are being proposed to the Congress to provide more realistic warning for smokers. However, such efforts of the federal government have been countered by the effort of tobacco companies like giving discounts, and the like.

According to the CDC’s report, if this current trend continues, the rate will decline to 17% by the year 2020, but then, they said that this rate is far higher than the government goal of no more than 12%. Frieden also mentioned that efforts towards cutting down smoking rate can be effective and evident in certain states where smoking regulation is taken more seriously. States like Utah and California have the lowest smoking rates in the US, with 9% and 12% rates respectively.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has compiled worldwide smoking statistics for the year 2002. The smoking facts and stats presented are sobering. Worldwide, between 80,000 and 100,000 kids start smoking every day. Approximately one quarter of children alive in the Western Pacific Region will die from smoking.




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