O2 diet

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O2 diet was created as an antioxidant diet which results in weight loss, fostering a sense of whole-body health and encouraging beauty maintenance.

O2 diet recommended foods include fruits and vegetables like mango, pomegranate, papaya, sugar beets, berries, lettuce, spinach and avocado.

Other approved products are quinoa, legumes, soy milk, oats, whole grain bread, seeds, nuts, fish, turkey, lean meat, olive oil, green tea, tofu, red wine and dark chocolate.


1. Overview
2. Things that should be considered
3. Benefits
4. Disadvantages
5. O2 diet review
6. Verdict

Things that should be considered

If you are interested in a diet to focus on eating fruits and vegetables, then O2 diet is for you. This diet involves the introduction of daily meals with a variety of healthy foods and does not require counting the ingested calories, carbs or fat grams.

Even if the calories are not counted, those who follow this diet must keep daily records of the points the absorption of oxygen radicals. This can be difficult, especially because such information is not available on food labels. For those who do not currently follow such a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, o2 diet can significantly increase the allocated food expenditures.

O2 diet recommends exercise for the many benefits they bring health and reduce risk of heart disease, increase health and bone structure and strength to fight depression.


- O2 diet encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables.
- O2 diet help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
- No need to keep track of calories, carbohydrates and fat you eat.
- Diet is recommended by dieticians worldwide.
- O2 diet is for those who really want to understand healthy nutrition science.


- It is necessary to keep the daily track of the absorption points of oxygen radicals
- Sometimes can be expensive to purchase all foods recommended by O2 diet.
- Diet not specifically targeting weight loss.

O2 diet review

Although it seems quite different from other diet that encourages high intake of fruits and vegetables, content or information may be an interesting read, and its delicious recipes can make it a very attractive diet for those who want to embrace a healthy lifestyle.


O2 diet stimulates the introduction in the daily menu of grains, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. It is considered one of the most balanced diet of such kind.

The absorption points of oxygen radicals can be difficult to calculate for some people, but this diet can greatly improve overall health for those who choose to follow it.



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