Obesity Among Kids, What Parents Forget

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Child obesity has been a global health issue since it was noted based on statistics that there have been an increasing number of children who are getting overweight or obese in most parts of the world. Being obese or overweight at a younger age may post many health risks in the future if the children’s weight is not controlled by their parents. Some of these risks involve the development of possible lifestyle related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and even musculoskeletal diseases.

Hence, many health care professionals are reminding every parent to take responsibility in tapering the weight of their child especially at the time when they are still young. These reminders should be taken seriously by the parents because what is at stake are the health of their children and the possible burden that it can post.

However, according to a new study conducted by the researchers of the University of North Carolina, many parents forgot the reminders of their health care providers regarding the child’s condition as far as the weight is concern. This implicates that many parents does not see the increasing weight of their child as a problem that as if it was just part of the normal processes of growing up. And later on when the health problem is already complicated and seemed to bothering their children already, that is the time they are going to take actions.

The findings of the new study which was reported by the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine revealed that about 30 per cent of parents with overweight or obese children belonging to the age group of 12 to 15 years had reported that their doctors have reminded them about their children’s weight. In addition, for those parents who have very obese children, about 58 per cent only reported that they have remembered that they were alerted by the doctors.

Moreover, even though the figures are showing that there are only less number of parents who consider the increasing weight of their children as a problem, still according to the analysis of data by lead researcher Dr. Eliana Perrin of the University of North Carolina, it revealed that parents are starting to get the idea of the presenting health issue as far as their children’s weight is concern. In addition, it is suggested that a whole family support and lifestyle changes can be the key to reduce child obesity.





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