Obesity: Common in Depressed Kids

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The more the children are open to the elements to stress, the more is the likelihood that they will become over-weight in their adolescence age, as per research report submitted by Gary Evans, an environmental psychologist in the periodical Pediatrics. When nine year old kids were exposed to few stressors like crowded housing, poverty and family turmoil, there was much probability that they will be over-weight by 13 years old. The main reason was that depression makes it difficult for the kids to control their emotions and behavior. Hence this leads to obesity by the time they reach their teen age.

Since these children are over-weight they tend to gain faster when they mature. But in adults we can see their capability to self regulate and hence this reflects their healthy habits.  The researchers calculated weight and height of 244 kids who were 9 years of age, and also analyzed their psycho-social and physical stressors. They scrutinized the kids’ ability to delay indulgence by presenting them an alternative amid waiting for a large plate of chocolates to having a standard plate immediately. The weight and height of kids’ was measured again after 4 years.

If the children showed inability to holdup indulgence, they gained more weight. Studies demonstrate that chronic depression is associated with weight gain in kids and teenagers and children consume more when they are stressed. An education policy “No Child Left Behind” stresses upon the test of cognitive capabilities but it does not consider children’s capability to control their emotions and behavior. The research proved that children eat much of fatty and sugary food when they are stressed. A child’s ability to control his behavior, emotions and self regulation is not predictive of things. These findings even have implications for the policies which are targeted in diminishing individual stress.

elements to stress, over-weight, self regulate, psycho-social and physical stressors, chronic depression, No Child Left Behind

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