Obesity During Pregnancy, Puts Baby At Higher Risk for Autism

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Kids born to overweight or obese mothers are at elevated threat of having autism or progressed delays, recent research recommends. The research of additional 1000 kids discovered that the offspring of overweight mothers had around 67% elevated threat of autism than the kids of normal-weight mothers and additional than 2 times the risk of developing delays, like the language problem. The odds of autism and other progressing delays were prominently elevated in the kids of mothers who were overweight than those who were not obese. The study encompassed additional 500 children aging 2-5 years with moderate autism, around 170 kids with another kind of developmental disability and around 315 kids, all participating in the Childhood Autism Threats which took place in 2003 and 2010.

How the study was conducted?

Kids were analyzed by experts from the University to ascertain their autism detection, while the mothers were asked questions concerning the different aspects of their health ahead and following their pregnancy. Information concerning their weight came from either the mother’s recollections of their weight or the medical records ahead or following their pregnancy. Overweight is defined as the BMI of 30 or above. BMI is a calculation of body size which is based on the weight & height. While diabetes is also linked with augmented odds of progressing delays in kids, there was no statistical significant link amid diabetes and the autism. Around 24% of the mothers who had kid with developmental delays were overweight and around 21.5% of the mothers who had a kid with autism were overweight and around 14% of the mothers with certain developing child were overweight.

The investigators observed that the obese mothers whose weight reached obesity or a BMI of 28-29 had threat same to the overweight mothers.



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