Of Car Crashes, Taxes and Accidents

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For more than 200 years following the declaration of Benjamin Franklin, the only things which are certain in life are taxes and death. The researchers from Canada have ascertained a grimmer association: US car accidents spike on the deadline day for reporting and submitting their income tax returns. The figure of the tax deadline can be one of the main reasons for the growth in fatalities along with modified traffic patterns, says the author of the study, Christopher Yarnell and Dr. Donald Redelmeier.

Growth in the fatal crashes and accidents:

Although the electronic submissions could be anticipated to reduce driving on the tax day, we have analyzed that there is an augmentation rather than decline in fatal accidents in present years, the research said. Other factors could be less patience for hassles, lack of sleep and inattention. The particular crashed injured party was a young male who was driving in a rural location, the research said.

The elevated crash risk is same to that of the Super Bowl Sunday, which is the day on which the US professional football championship game was held, another association which the researchers have studied.

The motivation of Public safety campaigns

Yarnell along with other researcher gathered that crash data from the Administration of National Highway Traffic Safety from the periods of 1980 – 2009. They evaluated and compared the crashes which happened on the tax day against those which happened one week ahead and following the tax day. The statistics showed that around 6783 individuals were killed from the crash on the particular tax day, as compared to the number of 12758 on some other days.

The researchers motivated the public campaigns for the road safety on the days of tax filing which also mentioned about the seat belts.



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