Off Label Prescriptions, Not An Issue Accordign to Research

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A research examining off-label prescribing of medications in an initial care network in Canada recommends that this practice is general, although it differs by medication, physician and patient features as per a report posted online in a periodical. This report is a part of periodical’s Health Care Reform sequence. Off-label recommendation is the practice of using the recommended medication for symptoms which have not received any regulatory sanction. The practice is supposed to be a factor of avoidable unpleasant medication events, the researchers write in their research background. The researcher along with his colleagues applied the medical office electronic health data network study program and observed the off-label use. Around 113 primary care doctors submitted 253, 347 electronic recommendations for nearly 50,832 individuals from 2005-2009.

As a whole around 11% of the medications were recommended for off-label indication and around 79% of the off-label use lacked the strong statistical proof, the findings indicated. The researchers noted that the magnitude of off-label use was less when evaluated against the US research. The findings indicated that the medications with 3-4 approved indications were linked with reduced off-label use when evaluated against the 1-2 permitted indications. The medications which were approved following 1995 were linked with reduced off-label use than those following 1981.

The physicians with maximum scores on proof based practice were less possible to recommend the off-label. Finally the results indicated that off label recommendation is general in initial care and differs by the class of the drugs, the figure of accredited indications for the medicine, patient’s gender and doctor’s attitude. The electronic health data can be put to use for documenting the treatment indication during the prescription and might pave a way for the increased post-marketing examination of drug if associated with the treatment results.



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