Offices—The Next Target of Bedbugs!

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Add bedbugs to the list of possible professional health hazards. A recent research report shows that almost half of the workers of the US government office reported to have been bitten by the bedbugs while they were at their work.  A German shepherd capable of detecting bedbugs approved the infestation at an unascertained building in Tennessee. The researchers reported that minimum 35 workers experienced bites and even one woman had the marks of bites on her entire body. The bugs did not result in any health problem as per the report of the US Centers for Disease Regulation and prevention.

The blood thirsty travelers:

The bedbugs can simply expand their region apart from the bedrooms. They begin in homes and beds and since individuals move about, these bedbugs get transported to the schools, office buildings, movie theatres, libraries, retail stores, and you name any. The bed bug infestations have grown since the year 2000 all over the US, sending each customer to expensive hotels and the up market clothing into anxiety. A survey of 2011 of the US Pest Control firms discovered that nearly 38% has reacted to the infestations at the office and commercial properties, in additional to 17% than the previous year. The treatment at schools and other day care centers enhanced from 10% to 36%. The visits of the individuals to the medical centers rose from 12% to nearly 1/3rd.

The bedbugs do not carry any diseases. They generally bite people and frequently at night and turn out to be enlarged with the blood. This might result into itching, welts and swelling but it is proved that they do not carry infectious or harmful diseases which other insects carry. The researchers say that there is nothing serious to consider about these bedbugs.



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