Oils and Fatty Acid of Specific Foods Can Aid in Preventing Acute Pancreatitis

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With the increasing number of diseases that affects the general population; it is a must that every individual should engage into activities which can boosts their immune system to fight and prevent the development and initiation of these diseases which can give great deal of burden not only to the individual suffering from that disease, but as well to his family and support system. One aspect in which the general public must look into is having a healthy and well balanced nutrition. This can be achieved by being wise in choosing food products which will be consumed for everyday. In fact, there are many researches that delved on the study of food groups which can prevent and halter the risk of a specific disease.

Recently, according to a new study conducted by the researchers from the University of Granada Physiology Department, the consumption of virgin olive oil and fatty acids can actually help prevent the development of a specific disease which is medically known as acute pancreatitis.

Acute pancreatitis is a disease of the pancreas wherein there is a sudden inflammation of the organ. One possible cause of this disease is due to over active actions of enzymes which help are supposed to help in the digestion of the foods that is being introduced in the stomach and intestines. However, there are certain incidences where these enzymes are over doing its function, leading to digestion of the tissues of the pancreas.

The new study which delved on the analysis and examination of food products which are rich in virgin olive oil and fatty acids such as fish discovered that these food compounds are actually rich in oleic acid and hyroxytyrosol. These compounds have been discovered to actually relieve the symptoms of pancreatitis. In addition, oleic acid and hyroxytyrosol have been found to influence the cellular mechanisms which are involved in the initiation of the manifestations of acute pancreatitis. Hence, making these food compounds a potential ingredient for the mitigation or prevention of the said disease.

Moreover, according to study author, María Belén López Millán, she said: “there is increasing evidence that there are oxidative-inflammatory processes involved in the origin of chronic diseases and that diet plays an important role in such processes. The antioxidant (phenolic compounds) and anti-inflammatory (omega-3 fatty acids) effects of diet components (nutrients and bioactive compounds) prevent/mitigate the pathological incidence of oxidative-inflammatory processes.”




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