Older Adults with High Vitamins and Omega-3 Consumption Can Keep the Brain Intact

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Nutrition is considered one of the most important aspects of human life. It is in the foods that are being consumed by many individuals in which necessary nutrients vital for the growth and development of certain body cells and tissues are actually acquired. Hence, many health care providers and nutritionist are calling the general public’s attention to choose foods which are considered healthy and avoid foods which can add the development of certain health risk which in the long run can progress to the development of certain diseases. Especially in the case of older adults, where in the body is already in the state of aging, and extra nutrients must be supplied in order to cope up with the biological changes that is brought about by getting older.

In fact, according to a new study, older adults who are consuming foods which are rich in vitamins and omega-3 showed that better performances on some mental tasks which implicated intactness of their brain as compared to other older individuals who do not have the same levels of vitamins and omega-3 in the blood.

The new study which was published in the in the Dec. 28 online edition and the Jan. 24 print issue of the journal Neurology involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 104 individuals who belong to the age group of 87 on average. The general health status of the study participants were also taken into consideration. The study participants were generally healthy, with no present mental deficits, well-educated, and were not smokers. In order for the researchers to analyze the brain volume of the study participants, the researchers conducted scans through the use of MRI scan of about 42 study participants.

Upon the analysis of MRI scan results, researchers found out that there were some study participants who had slight atrophy of the brain, which usually occurs as the person ages. More so, the researchers discovered that there are some nutrients which have affinity to the cognitive abilities of an individual.

Moreover, the investigators found out that those individuals with high levels of vitamins B, C, D and E and omega-3in their blood were able to performed better brain tasks and had bigger brains as compared to other individuals who do not have the same levels of vitamins in the blood.





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