Omega 3 and Vitamin D

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We all keep hearing that we’re not healthy enough, and that the foods we eat aren’t giving us enough nutrition. That may or may not be true, but what is true is that obesity is on the rise around the world, even though our athletes are in better physical condition than ever. In other words, there’s a serious disconnect between our supreme athletes and the rest of us.

The difference might be that athletes have nutritionists that the rest of us don’t have. Nutritionists will make sure that athletes eat balanced meals that will give them all the nutrients and vitamins they need. For some athletes, they’ll make sure they eat more protein for bulk and strength. For others, they might make them eat more fiber and carbohydrates to give them energy. For all, they understand portion control, and making sure that athletes will burn just what they need to burn to keep their bodies in top shape.

For the rest of us, we have to learn how to do it for ourselves. We have to figure out how to exercise so that we get all the benefits from it instead of the pain. We have to figure out how to eat so that we can get all the nutrients we need while still having a chance to keep our weight down. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t all that good at it. When that’s the case, we need to think about getting some help from supplements, which will give us those nutrients and vitamins we need.

One thing most of us lack is enough essential fatty acids. One of those fatty acids is Omega 3, which can only be obtained from certain foods which most of us don’t eat enough of. Fatty acids can help brain memory and performance, improve heart health, and reduce problems with things such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and a host of other things.

The reason most of us lack this fatty acid is because we don’t eat enough fish, such as tuna, salmon, or halibut, or things such as nuts like cashews, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. Many of the fruit and vegetables we eat have been processed in some fashion, so the nutrition we could be getting from them has been stripped.

Something else we don’t get enough of is Vitamin D, which is essential for promoting calcium absorption, which keeps our bones strong and helps them grow, keeps skin supple, and reduce the risks of cancer. We don’t get enough of it from our foods, and even though we could get it from the sun, most of us either don’t get enough sun, or get too much, which can have adverse affects that will negate the health benefits of the Vitamin D we might absorb.

Luckily, there are supplements we can take to get both Omega 3 and Vitamin D into our bodies, including omega 3 supplements. These products come in dosages with the recommended daily intake that replaces what we might not be getting from our food, and if we go a little bit over because we’re eating the right food, won’t hurt us. Each of these can also come with something else. For instance, Vitamin D can come as a multi-vitamin with lots of other missing nutrients that people lack, whereas Omega 3 can actually come with other omega fatty acids that bodies are usually lacking, known as Omega 3-6-9.

Both of the above nutrients are essential to our health, so if you’re not sure you’re getting all you need into your body, look to boost your health with both Vitamin D and Omega 3 supplements.



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