Omega 3 Pills’ Role in Heart Diseases—No Hard-Evidence

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The supplements of fish oil might not do much to avert the strokes and heart diseases in individuals who are already suffering from heart diseases, a recent report suggests. The study has been a mix on the likely heart linked merits of omega 3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA which could even be taken as the supplements of fish oils. In the recent Meta-observation there was no dissimilarity in the number of heart strokes and attacks amid more than 20,000 individuals with heart diseases who are casually assigned to consume either the supplements of fish oil or the pills of fish oil which are free of placebo. There is a general perception that the supplements of fish oil have been proved to avert the heart diseases and in actual the proof has been inconclusive and inconsistent.

It is a significant issue as a large percentage of the populace is taking the supplements of fish oil over the counter. The investigators from Korea accumulated the findings of 14 researches which recorded the heart disease individuals consuming fish oil or the placebo for 1-5 years. That encompassed the reports from India and US along with the reports from Germany and Italy and all across the Europe.  The individuals were mostly men and in their age of mid 60s or above.

Those individuals who were prescribed to consume the supplements of fish oil were just as probable to have many heart events or to die as the research participants consuming placebos. For instance in one research from Netherlands, around 14% of the individuals in either of the treatment team had a heart attack or stroke or required a stent implanted over 3 and ½ years.



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