One Third of Teens Text While Driving

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A recent federal research displays dramatic progress in the driving habit of the school students of US schools, however messaging by teens behind the wheels while driving is the main issue, said the CDCP. 1 in 3 high school students said that they have messaged or emailed during driving while the earlier 30 days, as per the centers 2011 that conducted a youth risk personality survey on 15000 volunteers of high school. The proportion of teens that messaged or sent emails while driving their cars or bikes was elevated for upper class males with approximately 43 percent of 11th class graders and around 58 percent of the 12th class graders reporting that they had done this so many times in the last month. This is the initial time when messaging questions were asked in this survey.

Messaging or emailing at times of driving a car might have serious results, said the director of CDC.

Car accidents are main causes of teenager deaths:

The CDC didn’t have any statistics as to how many teenagers are actually killed yearly from the accidents which are resulted because of emailing or messaging. In the year 2010, the auto accidents killed around 3115 teenagers who fell in the age bracket of 13-19, reported the CDC. That was nearly 44 percent over the last decade; however the auto accidents continue being the main cause of teenager’s deaths. The centre also said that the survey exposed more teens were wearing seatbelts and some were driving after taking drinks. Over the last 2 decades, the proportion of high school students who had never or had rarely wore a seatbelt had reduced from 26 percent to 8 percent, reported the CDC.



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