Optimistic Words Must Be Used More Frequently

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Researchers at ETM Zurich have observed that the application of language and words, locating that the words with an optimistic emotional content are more often used in written communication. This led to support of the hypothesis that the communal relations are enhanced by optimistic bias during the interactions amongst the human. Earlier research pays attention on the wordy lengths and their frequency. They displayed that the frequency is reliant on the length of the words which are used, as a result of underlying principles of minimum effort impacting the application of short words.

How was the research carried?

In comparison, this research focused on how the sentiments and emotions expressed in words are related to the frequency of the words and the formation of content. The investigators focused in words which are put to use in written sentimental expression in 3 most renowned European Languages online:

  • Spanish
  • German and
  • English

They took advantage of the dataset on human behavior over the internet which included messages from chat rooms, blogs and forums along with various other sources. Following the performance of quantitative observation of this dataset, the investigators discovered that the optimistic words appeared more often than the words which were linked with pessimistic emotion. This recommends that the sentimental content influences the frequencies of the words even when the overall sentimental content of the researched words is neutral on average. These results back-up the present hypothesis that there is much optimistic bias in human expression to ease the interaction in the social circle. Moving a step ahead, the researchers even focused on words which are in the content and recognized that the optimistic words held less information than the pessimistic ones. Hence due to the optimistic bias which was observed in human interaction, the optimistic words are much likely to be used than the words with pessimistic feel.



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