Ovarian Cysts Cancer Signs and Symptoms

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The term cancer is very dreadful to the sense! When we hear cancer, we most likely foresee too much pain and agony, lot of medications and hospitalizations, and even death. Dealing with cancer is indeed a burden—whether you are the person with cancer or simply a family member of a person with cancer. It is a devastating condition, nevertheless.

Cancer is of different types—and the type of cancer one may suffer from depends on the area which is affected. The most common type of cancer today in the global pace is Lung Cancer. It is followed by both Reproductive-system related cancer which are Cervical Cancer (for females) and Prostate Cancer (for males). On the third spot is Colon Cancer, a neoplasm which affects the intestines and adjacent parts.

Apart from these malignancies, there are many other forms of cancers that may occur and one of them is Ovarian Cancer. As the term suggests, this type of cancer only occur in the female gender. There are a lot of reasons why Ovarian Cancer may occur to a person but it has a high probability to those with ovarian cysts which present with signs and symptoms of malignancies. To further know whether you are possible to be diagnosed with ovarian cysts cancer, here are the signs and symptoms you need to watch for:

Abdominal Swelling and Bloating. When the ovarian cyst cancer becomes too large for the pelvic cavity to house, it can grow large enough and occupy the area of the abdominal cavity. In fact, some people may think they are pregnant, only to find out that what’s inside their abdomen is a huge ovarian cyst cancer. Surgical management is the treatment standard for large ovarian cysts.

Pain During Sexual Contact. Medically termed as “dyspareunia”, pain during sexual intercourse is not an all-inclusive sign of ovarian cysts cancer. This can also happen to our pelvic related diseases. However, if you have been diagnosed of ovarian cysts and suddenly felt pain and discomfort during the past few sexual intercourses that you have, be sure to have yourself checked as this may be a sign of malignancy.

Vaginal Discharges. Like any other reproductive related malignancy, vaginal discharges are very common. Discharges may present in various forms, color, amount and smell. It is important that you have yourself checked by your OB-Gynecologist to rule out possible malignancy.

Pain Upon Urination. Large ovarian cysts cancer may exert pressure in neighboring pelvic organs, and that includes the urinary bladder. When this happens, a woman may experience bladder fullness even after urination, or urinary frequency and pain upon urination, too.

Changes in Menstruation. Amenorrhea, Menorrhagia or Metrorrhagia may occur with ovarian cysts cancer. This is because of the abnormal growth of cells that mimic those of the ovaries. As such extreme menstrual flow, blood flow even during non-menstrual days and sometimes even loss of menstrual flow may occur.

These are the common signs and symptoms of ovarian cysts cancer. Remember, it is very important to be diagnosed or ruled out from cancer at an early point where things are still highly treatable. Be a vigilant woman!



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