Overcoming 5 Breastfeeding Hurdles

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Nursing mothers will often be the first to let you know that first-time nursing does not come easy. In fact, nursing a second or third child can be completely different from nursing the first, requiring the mother to re-learn everything that she thought that she knew when it comes to nursing the first child.

There are many common breastfeeding hurdles, but luckily, there are just as many solutions that are available for nursing mothers that are trying to overcome the hurdles while breastfeeding.

Here are five of the common hurdles while breastfeeding and techniques that can help to overcome the hurdles:

Lack of milk, or Not producing enough milk
For mothers that feel they are not producing enough milk or feel that the infant is fussing at the breast there are many options that are available. Mothers can consider their diet and ensure that they are consuming enough vitamins and nutrients, as well as additional calories to facilitate the production of breast milk to ensure that the milk is going to be saturated with vitamins and nutrients to provide the best possible nutrition for the infant.

Other methods that can be used to increase the milk production include through the use of teas that have been designed to increase breast milk, herbs like Milk Thistle and even supplements that are prescribed by the physician.

A bad Latch
There are some infants that take a little extra time to figure out the process of breastfeeding and in many cases this is due to a bad latch that has been established.

There are many things that mothers can try to overcome the bad latch. Using methods that can include changing position or working with a lactation consultant can be an effective way to overcome the bad latch.

Clogged Ducts
Clogged ducts are quite painful and can occur for many reasons. Unfortunately, the pain can quell the breastfeeding from taking place and can cause the mother to require medications that can be absorbed through the Breastmilk.

It is important to seek medical attention immediately for the clogged ducts. Symptoms include hard lumps on the breasts through the milk duct or difficulty and painful nursing.

Thrush can result in aching and pain through the breasts. It results from a yeast infection that originates in the mouth of the infant and can be transmitted to the breast of the mother. Thrush is easily cleared up through the use of an over the counter antibacterial and can be controlled through the use of oral medication and often clears up.

The first sign of thrush is a white discharge from the mouth of the infant, or a pain and swelling around the breast area that is accompanied with potential discharge from the nipple.

Learning about the common hurdles that are found in breastfeeding mothers can help mothers to know what to expect while breastfeeding, as well as learning about the various symptoms of conditions that can affect the progress that has been made in the process of breastfeeding.



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