Overflowing energy in 4 steps

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We are not sick, but still have times when we feel tired, asthenia, demotivated.

The fault can be trivial mistakes, but the impact can be very negative.

These habits that steal our energy perpetuated long can cause some diseases.


1. Overview
2. Respect your biorhythm
3. Frequent meals, but less food
4. Combine foods wisely
5. Use natural supplements

Respect your biorhythm

International studies say that an adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep each night. But there are people who have a particular biorhythm and not feel rested even if they sleep this regular number of hours. Therefore, it also matter the scheduling of sleep too.

Some people have a diurnal biorhythm, sleep at around 21.00 and woke up at around 5.00. They work well in the morning, but lose focus in the evening. Others have a biorhythm that sends to bed after 23.00 and make them wake up with great difficulty before 11.00. These people have the best return in the evening and a morning show is for them exhausting and inefficient.

However, most people who feel tired can’t blame the biorhythm but, rather, on their own choices. Therefore, it is essential to sleep enough. Otherwise, lack of sleep translates into fatigue, lack of concentration, headaches and weakness throughout the body.

Frequent meals, but less food

Babies eat every three hours, day and night, and adults should do the same, but during the day. The explanation is that the human body is genetically programmed to support the digestion of every three hours, this being the rate at which the stomach and intestine secrete cholecystokinin, a hormone involved in digestion.

Of course, the amount of food served at each meal should be less. In addition, it is imperative not to skip breakfast. This is explained by the fact that in the morning, the brain does not have enough glucose to function optimally, so you can help him by supplying it with food.

Also, the liver has its glucose reserves, almost consumed and, because of this reason, it is obliged to achieve its amino acids needed for optimal functioning from alternative sources. I mean “steal” amino acids from the muscle. So is physical fatigue, enhancing her mental.

Combine foods wisely

As strange as it may seem, due to some food combinations we can get tired, instead give us energy. Some clear lines to follow as the fruit to be eaten alone, with nothing else especially in the morning on an empty stomach. Exception for acid fruits (they contain less sugar and does not facilitate fermentation), which go with kefir, yogurt, nuts and seeds.

Acidic fruit blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, kiwi, grapefruit. Protein should be consumed only with vegetables that have no starchy and it would be ideal if several kinds of animal protein aren’t combine at the same meal.

Heavy meals and inappropriate food combinations subject our gut to a considerable effort, and the explanation for fatigue after meals can come from consuming food without enough nutrients.

Use natural supplements

When lack of energy affects your life, it’s time to take action. You can take some natural supplements that will help your body to produce more energy.

These supplements are absorbed into the bloodstream in less than 20 minutes, containing the most effective amino acid chelated mineral ingredients, fruit and vegetable extracts processed so to maintain quality, strength and antioxidant enzyme, organic extracts of Chinese and Japanese medicinal mushrooms, all ingredients being tested in the laboratory ensure the purity and efficiency.



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