Overindulgence in Drinking, Its Ill Effects to the Heart

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The University of Maryland Medical Center defines alcoholism as “being characterized by craving alcohol and losing control over drinking, along with a physical dependence (meaning that the person experiences withdrawal symptoms when not drinking) and a tolerance for alcohol (meaning the person needs to drink greater amounts to feel “good”). Before entering recovery, most alcoholics will deny they have a problem. People who abuse alcohol but are not dependent on it may have similar symptoms, but they don’ t feel the same craving to drink and usually don’ t experience withdrawal symptoms.”

They also stated that about 18 million people in the United States abuse alcohol, and estimates suggest that more than 70 million Americans have dealt with alcoholism in their family. Alcohol is involved in almost half or all traffic deaths in the U.S.

A research conducted by the researchers has discovered that overindulgence in drinking is linked with loss of protective effect of alcohol against the heart disease Ischemic or popularly called the IHD. They have discovered an augmented coronary risk amongst these drinkers. Around 26,786 men and women participated in this study in the years 1994, 2000 and 2005. They were analyzed to ascertain if the binge drinking had any impact on IHD or their overall mortality rates as compared to the light or moderate drinkers. Overindulgence in drinking did not demonstrate any difference in risk of IHD or coronary disease and the mortality rate as compared to the moderate drinkers.

These findings are very different from the findings which the epidemiologic studies demonstrated that the individuals who were overindulged in drinking were more exposed to the heart diseases and other health problems. Why binge drinking did not show any adverse affect in this study is still a question which the researchers need to answer. The researchers then answered that there was a different definition of binge drinking. Binge drinking is not when an individual consumes 5 or more than 5 drinks but it means that he consumes these rapidly empty stomach. The rate of consumption and context all constitute a part of definition rather than just the number of drinks.

Researchers do not accept and authenticate the results of this study just to support the binge drinking and its impact. Binge drinking is however not safe and can have adverse impact on the health leading to many heart diseases. The reports however say that occasional binge drinking is not harmful for health and occasional episodes of binge drinking which is higher than the recommended levels does not put an individual in the category of normal moderate drinker. It has been put forward that while considering the concept of binge drinking, one should focus on speed of consumption along with its impact on health.



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