Owning a dog motivates the pregnant women to exercise

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A study which was conducted with 11000 pregnant women proved that those pregnant women who owned a dog were motivated to exercise regularly through high brisk walks. This was not found among the women who did not own a dog. Researchers put forward that since this is a low risk activity, walking a dog can form part of a wider strategy to progress the health of the pregnant women. Earlier studies have proved that the maternal obesity and extra weight gain at times of pregnancy can have harmful impact for the child and the mother.

Obesity in pregnant women can lead to difficulty in birth and can also have possibility of prospect obesity in child. Due to this the pregnant women are advised to keep a strict control on their weight and contact health professionals. They can help them in managing and controlling the weight by means of diet and exercises. The featured exercises include hiking, walking, swimming and jogging and most of the women prefer walking as the main means of exercise. A study was conducted to ascertain if the dog walking helped in promoting exercise in pregnant women. The researchers believe that the results of these studies will be very helpful and valuable for the health experts who can give better advice to the pregnant women regarding their exercises and eating habits.

The findings of their study showed positive results. They proved that the owners of adult dogs showed higher levels of physical activities. So the health professionals can advice the pregnant women to own a dog during their pregnancy because if they do not manage their weight during their pregnancy, it will result in complicated delivery and augmented weight problems in the child. There are many women who might own a dog but might not opt to walk, so all that is required is promotion of dog walking and its benefits.



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