Is Laser Surgery For Hemorrhoids A Good Choice?


It is understandable how people will feel once people learn that they are suffering from hemorrhoids. Social stigma in the workplace, school and even at home can occur because of the prejudices and notion that people associate with hemorrhoids. But … [Read more...]

Black tea

OverviewBlack tea is a product obtained from the plant Camellia sinensis. Mature leaves and stems are used to make this type of tea. Green tea is made from young leaves of the same plant, with different properties.Until recently, most researches … [Read more...]

Diet for the 4th Month of Pregnancy

Baby grows and the amount of blood in his body is growing. Starting this month the need of iron becomes more important. So, you should increase the amount of foods that contain iron. Iron is a precious ally: reduces the risk of anemia, fatigue, and … [Read more...]

Get To Know The Top Kidney Stone Natural Treatment


Kidney stones can bring a lot of discomforts to a person. Among all—it may present with severe flank and back pain, as well as problems urinating. Once you have been diagnosed with kidney stones, it is important not to delay the treatment as, who … [Read more...]

What can we do when sex does no longer cause pleasure, but pain?

The term used by doctors when referring to this condition is dyspareunia. When the intercourse becomes painful, besides the physical problems, other problems occur too and this time they are related to the couple. Frustrations and negative thinking … [Read more...]

Cluster Headache (Migrainous Neuralgia)

Overview Migrainous neuralgia is a severe cephalea (headache), localized unilaterally, which usually occurs in bursts over a period of several weeks to several months. While common cephalea can create a certain discomfort, this type of cephalea is … [Read more...]

Xyzal Vs Zyrtec

Have you noticed your kid scratching here and there? Or has your kid been sneezing for several days now without any reason at all? Your kid might be suffering from an allergic reaction. Allergies may occur to any person—these might be due to … [Read more...]

Bedsores – a feared complication in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

About AlzheimerAlzheimer's disease cause changes in the brain that worsen over time. Decay and dying brain cells, cause gradual loss of memory. It is the most common cause of dementia - group of diseases that cause progressive loss of brain … [Read more...]

How To Cure Constipation At Home?

Constipation is not a disease—rather, it is a symptom. And most often than not, this symptom is caused by a person’s inactivity and sedentary lifestyle, a diet with minimum to no fiber at all, and not being able to drink the adequate amount of fluids … [Read more...]

Surprising foods that contain a lot of salt

OverviewSodium or salt is a metallic element, a mineral necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Sodium helps us in many ways, including supporting the activity and function of muscles and nerves. It is important that any person’s diet to contain sodium. … [Read more...]