OverviewColonoscopy is a procedure used to evaluate the colon and rectum. By using the colonoscopy, the doctor can detect inflamed tissue, ulcers and abnormal growths of tissue.Procedure is used to look for early signs of colorectal cancer and … [Read more...]

Sea Buckthorn oil

OverviewSea buckthorn is a thorny plant that grows in Europe and Asia. Sea buckthorn berry oil is extracted from fruit pulp or seeds.Clinical and scientific studies of the twentieth century confirm numerous nutritional benefits of sea buckthorn … [Read more...]

Meaningful of the information found on food labels

OverviewFind out which of the foods you buy are healthy and which are less beneficial for health. Most people try to eat as healthy and opt for organic fruits and cereals, for example.However, these kinds of products are really smart or just … [Read more...]


OverviewA biopsy is a procedure in which a small sample is collected from a certain body part to be analyzed and examined under a microscope to diagnose a disease.More advanced tests can confirm the presence of a sample of tissue culture of … [Read more...]

Overcoming Flying Problems

Many people are afraid to fly; that’s just a fact. It’s got more to do with letting someone else control how they get someplace, as well as the fact that once you’re up in the air there’s really nowhere or nothing else you can go or do until you get … [Read more...]

Chronic Laryngitis – Laryngeal Obstruction

CHRONIC LARYNGITISIt is a chronic inflammation of larynx.Aetiology: (1) Recurrent acute laryngitis. (2) Excessive smoking. (3) Chronic sinus and oral infection. (4) Too much shouting (as in hawkers). (5) Nasal obstruction. (6) Sometimes chronic … [Read more...]

Some Tips For Wonderful Looking Arms

There's been a lot of interest by women on the arms of the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Her arms are toned and smooth, not too thin or thick, and women all across the world are wondering how to get arms like that.It doesn't … [Read more...]

Neuropathy – Causes and Treatment

OverviewNeuropathy includes a number of disorders that occur when peripheral nervous system’s nerves (part of the nervous system outside the brain and spinal cord) are damaged. The condition is generally referred to as peripheral neuropathy and is … [Read more...]

The importance of vaccination for the elderly

OverviewAs people grow old, their immune system is less effective in protecting against disease. This means that they become more susceptible to contact infection, and when they are sick the recovery will be more difficult. Also, they might lose … [Read more...]

Exercises for hemorrhoids

OverviewHemorrhoids occur when veins in the rectum become inflamed as a result of straining during elimination of feces, pressure from the uterus during pregnancy and postpartum exercise.Hemorrhoids are associated with itching, burning and pain, … [Read more...]