Hemorrhoids: 7 advices on how to minimize discomfort

Hemorrhoids are congested, enlarged or twisted blood vessels around the @nus and the inferior rectum that seem to stretch and cause a lot of pain and discomfort if placed under high pressure. You can somehow resemble them with varicose veins. … [Read more...]

Seven Bowel Movement Problems

The elimination of the solid or semi-solid waste matter from the digestive tract through the anus is called defecation or bowel movement. Bowel movement happens when the muscles in the colon contract and move the waste or fecal matter towards the … [Read more...]

Energy drinks: Healthy or not

Of all the products that give us energy, taurine-based energy drinks are known for the large amount of energy it provides in a relatively short time. Such a beverage containing ingredients such as:1. Taurine - an amino acid that is usually produced … [Read more...]

7 negative health effects of excessive work

OverviewIf you are the last person leaves the office or if you consistently work overtime, you will see overtime benefits by wage increases, but all those extra hours of work affect your health.A recent study found that those who work overtime, … [Read more...]

8 Effects of Depression on the Human Body

Depression is probably the oldest disease that has plagued man. The medical term ‘depressive disorder’ is a group of symptoms that reflects an extremely sad or grief-stricken mood.  The intensity of sadness is greater in severity and duration … [Read more...]

Thyroid gland

1. OverviewThe thyroid gland is the largest gland located in the neck. It is located in front of the neck under the skin and muscle layers.The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly with two wings, being represented by left and right thyroid … [Read more...]

What can we do when sex does no longer cause pleasure, but pain?

The term used by doctors when referring to this condition is dyspareunia. When the intercourse becomes painful, besides the physical problems, other problems occur too and this time they are related to the couple. Frustrations and negative thinking … [Read more...]

A Troublesome Duo: Constipation and IBS


Constipation and IBS or irritable bowel syndrome are two almost inseparable conditions. When one is present, it is not impossible for the other condition to exist. However, before we tackle about both conditions conjugally—let us first take a look at … [Read more...]

Itchy Anus and Rectum – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Itchy rectum and anus are really embarrassing topics to be discussed but unfortunately many people are suffering from the same. Constipation, poor hygiene and unhealthy diet are common causes of rectal and anal itching. Common causes are: 1. Poor … [Read more...]

Top Diet Tips for IBS


It is safe to say that IBS is a common medical problem in America with at least 20% people affected with such disease... in fact, some people may be suffering from IBS without their knowledge about such disease. IBS affects more women than men and it … [Read more...]