Chewing gum – healthy or not?

OverviewChewing gum is more than a quick solution for freshening breath? Of course! The use of chewing gum can be a trick to fool hunger in people who want to lose weight and could be a healthy alternative to smoking (currently available several … [Read more...]

Diet for gastritis

1. OverviewGastritis is a medical condition that is defined by irritation of the gastric mucosa and is based on several reasons, most of which are caused by a disorganized lifestyle or an irrational use of medicines.The main cause of gastritis is … [Read more...]


1. OverviewGalactosemia is a genetic metabolic disease that is characterized by an inability to utilize the galactose from sugar. In classic galactosemia case, the defect is a deficiency of an enzyme known as GALT.This causes an accumulation of … [Read more...]

Necessary vaccines for adults

1. OverviewVaccines provide protection for various serious or potentially fatal diseases. What are the most necessary vaccines for adults?This can be unclear, especially for people who have already been vaccinated in childhood.Below are a … [Read more...]

Antiperspirants – composition and action

1. Overview4 million sweat glands in the human body pumping liters of sweat every day. This explains why for many people sweat is a problem.Sweating can negatively affect self-esteem, career and social life of a person. Antiperspirants are the … [Read more...]

Vertigo: A Spinning Sensation


Do you frequently experience nausea and vomiting or feel like everything around you is moving around in circles? Occasional feelings of dizziness, most especially after a tiresome and strenuous activity may be considered a normal occurrence but if it … [Read more...]

Benefits of Colon Cleansing Detox


Our colon can be a magnet of all the things that we eat—that’s why it serves as a double edge. Why? IT may be of benefit if we live a nutritious lifestyle i.e. balanced diet, eating nutritious foods, etc… however, it can be very detrimental if we are … [Read more...]

Understanding Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea means the lack of menstruation.Doctors classify amenorrhea as primary (when it occurs in girls that are aged under 16) and as secondary (when menstruation fails to occur for more than 3 cycles in women who have previously had … [Read more...]

Cure Hair Loss in Women Naturally with 7 tips

Hair loss could be a very distressing problem, especially when it happens to women. Healthy and beautiful hair is a major factor of beauty and looks. Poor lifestyle and diet are some of the major causes of hair loss apart from stress and … [Read more...]

Important facts about hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a disease that affects the liver and it is considered by doctors to be one of the most frequent liver infections in the world. Hepatitis B is produced by the hepatitis B virus that makes the liver work at minimum capacity and to swell … [Read more...]