How To Cleanse Colon At Home?

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Colon cleansing is a fast growing practice among people of all ages—especially those in the mid and late adulthood. The reason why colon cleansing has speedily penetrated mainstream diet and lifestyle techniques is due to the fast growing number of … [Read more...]

Foods to relieve menstrual pain

Hot water: Pour a glass and place in the abdomen to relieve cramps. Or, do you have a choice: to wet a towel in hot water, squeeze excess water and put him on the abdomen.Water: a high consumption of water is very important when you are in the … [Read more...]

Prozac vs. Lexapro


Pharmaceutical companies are exerting a lot of efforts in creating the best drugs for psychiatric disorders with the least side effects and adverse effects to patients. Of the psychiatric disorders classified in the Diagnostic Manual of Psychiatric … [Read more...]

Top Causes of Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is otherwise known as the “Brittle Bone Disease”. Osteoporosis affects people who are above forty years old, those who are female and those with small body built. As a degenerative disorder, this condition affects the elderly by … [Read more...]

The Troublesome Knee Injuries


The knee is technically a joint, which means it sits between the areas where bones connect. It's actually the largest joint in the body. Your knees provide stability and flexibility for your body and allow your legs to bend, swivel, and straighten. … [Read more...]

Important facts about hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a disease that affects the liver and it is considered by doctors to be one of the most frequent liver infections in the world. Hepatitis B is produced by the hepatitis B virus that makes the liver work at minimum capacity and to swell … [Read more...]

Medical and Home Treatment for Canker Sore on Gums


Everyone has been acquainted with canker sores—regardless of a person’s age, gender, and health habits. Canker sores can occur to anyone and is in fact a very disgusting condition. Imagine the heat, pain, soreness and difficulty one can experience … [Read more...]

Facial masks: Tips for obtaining a beautiful skin

There is no secret any more that by applying the right face mask for your skin you can get a rejuvenating effect in just 20 minutes. Instead of wasting money on expensive skin treatments and lotions you can go for applying home made natural facial … [Read more...]

Are Internal Hemorrhoids Curable?


 Hemorrhoids may be considered as one of the most common conditions which are least reported. Needless to say, confiding with someone, even with the closest person on earth a person has, can still elicit shyness and awkward feelings. How much more … [Read more...]


Description: Carbohydrates are the body's primary energy source. Complex carbohydrates found in vegetables, grains and starchy vegetables (potatoes, peas and corn). Simple carbohydrates, also called sugar are found mainly in fruits and milk, and … [Read more...]