Allergic contact dermatitis

1. OverviewAllergic contact dermatitis is a type of allergy resulting from cutaneous contact with a specific allergen to which a person has developed a specific sensitivity. This allergic reaction causes inflammation of the skin manifested by … [Read more...]

Answers to questions about the influenza vaccine (flu shot)

1. OverviewMost people find various excuses to refuse flu shot; these excuses often sound like: “I had the flu and was not too bad”, “After the flu shot I’ll get sick”, “the flu shot contains toxic levels of mercury”, etc.People that will … [Read more...]

Advice about Milk Consumption

Milk Intake Advice & InfoDrink skim milk or milk low in fat during meals If you are used to drinking whole milk, gradually replace it with skim milk. Reduce the amount of fat in milk to 2%, 1% and then finally, go to skim milk (fat free) Order … [Read more...]

Fruits and juices that fight against hemorrhoids

1. OverviewHemorrhoids should not be a problem for most people who follow a healthy lifestyle. Although there are many risk factors that contribute to their development, many of them are lifestyle characteristics that a person has.Most times, … [Read more...]

How To Treat GERD Effectively?


GERD is a worldwide concern—it doesn’t choose any age, gender, nationality or status in life. The thing about GERD is that it chooses no one, and it is possible that the people you work with everyday and those you meet along the side walk or sit … [Read more...]

Excessive hunger

1. OverviewHunger and appetite are regulated by complex interactions of the endocrine, digestive and neurological system. Each of these sends chemical signals to the brain to transmit him the feeling of hunger or satiety.Excessive hunger is … [Read more...]

Iron-rich foods

OverviewMost iron-rich foods are animal products. For this reason it may be difficult for vegans, vegetarians and people who avoid red meat consumption, to absorb enough iron during the day. Fortunately there are many supplements that can be bought … [Read more...]

Getting to Know the Common Hyperglycemia Symptoms


Sugar and sweets—who cannot resist them? They come in all forms, shapes, sizes and flavors…the simple reason why people just can’t get enough of sweets! Eating sweet foods like candies, cakes, chocolates and other confections is a great way to finish … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic remedies for hemorrhoids

OverviewHemorrhoids are dilated or swollen veins located in the rectum, in the anal opening. There is no perfect definition of hemorrhoids, but it can be said that these are some cushions of tissue within the anal canal that contain blood … [Read more...]

7 small things that will help you maintain your couple’s happiness

Being healthy does not only mean keeping diseases away from you, it also implies being satisfied and fulfilled emotionally and socially. Happiness can maintain and sustain health and only those people who will learn how to treasure and enjoy the … [Read more...]