Child development after the age of two

1. OverviewAfter the age of two, the growth rate will decrease and starting with this age the child will not have the baby look.Although children evolve differently at this age, most children follow these general characteristics: - Average weight … [Read more...]

How Often Should I Get A Pap smear ?

Those women who are confident in the health of their reproductive organs should be interested in this article on; "How often should I get a Pap smear ?". You will get an original answer from this site, and one to ponder closely.The Center on … [Read more...]

How to associate foods to lose weight

OverviewCombining foods for weight loss could mean, for some, total elimination of foods or types of cuisine, from the diet. Restriction could be automatically associated with weight loss, but without taking into account calorie intake and energy … [Read more...]

Mega giveaway free 50 page Yoga basics eBook from

Yoga is peace, rediscover you body and mind! You'll enjoy this material.Yoga is really a very simple, accessible, and in many countries around the world, ordinary thing to do.In that light, this book is created with one goal in mind: to demystify … [Read more...]

Artificial Sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners - a safe alternative to sugarSugar has become an important part of our daily diet, being used in increasingly large amounts. It can be harmful if consumed in excess, because it increases the number of calories and causes … [Read more...]

Diet for sinus headaches

1. OverviewEach person has four cavities filled with air, which are behind the cheeks, eyes and nose. These cavities are sinuses.As a result of chronic respiratory diseases or exposure to allergens and irritants may occur pressure, inflammation … [Read more...]

Things to Know on Health Insurance

Once you have health insurance coverage that you can rely on you can say that there is a certain peace of mind that you get purchasing on of these policies. There is the issue of health that you must look after in your life, and in this respect you … [Read more...]

Cerebral Palsy

Overview Cerebral palsy (CP) is a chronic disorder of posture and movement caused by the lesion of the central nervous system. CP consists of involuntary reflex movements and muscle contractions (spasms) that may affect a region, half of the body or … [Read more...]

Chronic Pancreatitis Diagnosis, Symptoms and Risk Factors

There are two types: chronic pancreatitis and acute pancreatitis. Chronic Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas which leads to progressive failure of the endocrine and exocrine functions. Pancreatic insufficiency is reflected in:* … [Read more...]

The Importance of Establishing Skin to Skin Contact in Breastfeeding


Skin to skin contact is essential through the natural process of breastfeeding. Through the process of skin to skin contact, the infant learns the natural reaction to being placed close to the breast, to suckle. As soon after the birth as possible, … [Read more...]