Pain Accompanied By Chemotherapy Might Be Relieved By Acupuncture

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Improvements in technology especially in the field of health care have brought significant impact in terms of the treatment outcomes of many individuals who were affected by certain diseases. These are especially evident among individuals who are suffering from cancer and received the known treatment chemotherapy. Undergoing chemotherapy is not easy because of the certain side effects which are known to cause great deal of discomfort among those individuals who are receiving chemotherapy.

This is due to the use of combination of potent drugs that has an affinity on the rapidly dividing cells which in turn leads to series of hair loss, nausea and vomiting, and pain sensations. The relief of these side effects of chemotherapy is now the focus of many health care professionals in order to help those individuals lessen their burden.

Recently, according to a new study, the use of a alternative treatment in the form of acupuncture might be use in order to lessen pain sensations felt by patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.  Researchers found out that the pain relief can be possible by helping the nerves to counter pain through the use of acupuncture.

The new small study which was published online in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine involved the analysis and evaluation of data gathered from about a total of 11 patients. These study participants are actually suffering from nerve pain brought about by the condition known as peripheral neuropathy.  The study participants were divided into two groups. The first group of patients underwent sessions of acupuncture, while the other group of patients served as the control group of the study.

The patients who underwent acupuncture had about 10 sessions for three (3) months. In every session, these patients were inserted with about 20 needles in a specific part of their body with a specific measured of depth. Each acupuncture session lasted for about 20 minutes.  In addition, both groups received series of tests which measure the speed and intensity of two nerves preset in the same calf. These tests were conducted before the acupuncture session started and were repeated six months after the chemotherapy.

Moreover, researchers found out that the speed and intensity of the nerve function had improved among the acupuncture group. That is compared to the control group which reported that one patient had improvement, three patients remained in the same status, and one had a decrease in function. Results were supported by known facts that acupuncture helps in increasing the blood flow which helps the repair of nerves.






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