Parkinson’s Risk Linked To Diabetes

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Individuals suffering with diabetes might have augmented threat of progressing Parkinson’s disease, particularly at a comparatively young age, a recent research finds out. Posted online in journal diabetes care, the research adds to the recent study associating diabetes to Parkinson disease. However this report and the earlier report do not raise an individual’s risk of Parkinson’s disease. As an alternative, the researchers believe that it is much possible that the 2 diseases have many mutual underlying reasons. The recent research looked at the health insurance claims from nearly 1 million adults from Taiwan of which about 600,000 suffered from diabetes.

More danger in diabetic women:

For 9 years, individuals with diabetes were detected with Parkinson’s disease at rate of 3.2 per 10000 individuals every year, as against 2.1 every 10,000 amid the individuals who did not have diabetes. While the investigators factored in age, gender and additional health conditions, they discovered that diabetes was even then associated to an augmented risk of Parkinson’s – particularly at a very young age. Amid women of age of 40 and 50, those suffering from diabetes had 2 times the risk of Parkinson’s which diabetes free females did. The similar was factual amid the males in their age of 20 and 30, however that was based just on few Parkinson’s cases: there were 4 cases amid young men suffering from diabetes and 2 men who did not suffer from diabetes.

As whole it still remains unclear, as per Dr. Chung Yi Li and Dr. Yu Sun, who initiated the research. However on average, individuals develop Parkinson’s disease around the age of 60, the investigators observed and intimated via email. The conclusions appear to recommend an association amid diabetes and early detection of Parkinson disease. That is in line with a research of Adults from Denmark which was printed last year.



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