Patchy Health Insurance Coverage For Covering Bariatric Surgery For Obese Kids

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While researchers and practicing doctors increasingly favor – and hence recommend — weight-loss surgery of bariatric surgery as the best chance to jettison all that excess weight and also combat with relevant conditions that come with obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure, the health insurance coverage for young obese patients is patchy, at best.

Americans, according to the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, generally tend to be fat as more than 33% are considered obese. Interestingly, kids put on weight faster than adults to. Kaiser News reports that while the rate of obesity in adults doubled In between 1980 and 2008, it almost tripled for kids.

The University of Michigan Health System  defines Obesity as “having too much body fat”. It states that children are said to be obese when their body weight is 20% more than the ideal weight for respective age + height.

Researchers claim that in between 2003-2004, 17% of children and teenagers – ages 2-19 – made up for 12.5 million people and were obese. 25% of Black and Hispanic children weighed too much. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that about 112,000 deaths are caused by obesity each year – almost an epidemic, they say.

Genetics, tendency to eat large portions or high calorie foods/junk-food, lack of physical activity, spending excessive time watching television, playing video games, and even some environmental chemicals such as xenoestrogen bisphenol-A (found in food/drink containers) can cause obesity.

The benefits of Bariatric Surgery are on too many. The New England Journal of Medicine reveals that over 90% of diabetes patients who undergo Bariatric Surgery see complete cures for their conditions. More 60% of patients report a drastic reduction of cholesterol levels and about 50% of them see a significant decrease in blood pressure.

U.S News Health states that according to the National Institutes of Health the cost of undergoing a Bariatric Surgery can be anywhere from $12,000 to $35,000 depending on various factors.

Spiraling surgery costs, a grim economy, and with unemployment rate continuing unabated, lack of proper  health insurance for young, obese children is proving to be more expensive than it actually is.




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