Patients With HIV and AIDS, At Higher Risk for Heart Attack

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Individuals who are suffering from HIV AIDS are at elevated threat than the normal population of immediate heart death, as per the investigators of California. In a research paper which was published in the periodical of America, displays incidents of immediate heart deaths to be 4 times elevated for HIV AIDS individuals. As a conclusion, the researchers discovered this astonishing, as per the press release.

The actual fact is that a majority of the heart deaths were suddenly happening and this is astonishing and signifies that we as clinicians are required to be aware of this possible health problem amid the patients suffering from HIV. This was submitted by the assistant professor from UCSF who was also one of the main researchers.

Ward number 86 featured all the deaths:

The researcher along with her fellow researchers initiated their research in the year 2010 following her colleagues noticing an alarming style in individual research observation sudden deaths in San Francisco. The researcher says that most of the cases which engaged the individuals with HIV infection were the ones who were dying immediately. She wondered if there was certain kind of link there. The researcher along with her colleagues emphasized on 2860 HIV AIDS patients, whose deaths for over 10 years were scrupulously tracked by Ward number 86 of General hospitals of San Francisco. Ward number 86 was the initial clinic which specialized in HIV AIDS to comprehensively feature all deaths as per the news release.

HIV infected individuals are surviving longer now:

The research shows that from the years 2000-2009 around 15% of the patients died of the heart linked illness. From that group nearly 86% of the patients died of sudden heart deaths.



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