People Love To Talk About Themselves

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Have you got a report about yourself? A status update or a may be an opinion? Nobody might care about this expect you; however a recent research recommends that you could make yourself feel good if you simply share that report. Volunteers who spoke about themselves displayed signs of activity in the regions of brains which are associated to motivation and value. This will help in explaining that why the individuals so obsessively get involved in such behavior. It is since it provides these individuals with certain kind of subjective value. It feels good actually said a researcher who is a graduate student in Harvard University.

Indeed the investigators discovered that the parts of the brain which are triggered by speaking about oneself are even accountable for the thrills of money, drug addiction and food.

What did the research show?

The results are much more than just scientific curiosity, said the graduate after he considered how much time the individuals generally spend in discussing about themselves. By one assumption, around 30-40% of the speech has to do with you.

The behavior of self disclosure which we do all the times, day out and day in; when you speak to people, they will frequently speak about themselves. On Facebook and Twitter, individuals are mainly posting about themselves as to what they think and feel in a particular moment. This is one piece of proof as to why we might do so.

In the research, the researcher along with his colleagues carried many experiments on the participants whose brains were scrutinized as they were asked to do certain things. The researcher discovered that specific parts of brain are more active when individuals talk about themselves. The researcher says that he likes to call it a penny for such thoughts.



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