Physical exercise during winter

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1. Overview

In winter, when the days are shorter and darker, it is harder for most people to mobilize to do exercise. Yet there is no good reason to abandon sports equipment. It is important for any person to keep their shape through physical activity.

Exercise is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle, regardless of the season. Adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every week. One way to make the 150 minutes of exercise a week is to make sport for 30 minutes a day, five days a week.


1. Overview
2. Types of recommended exercise
3. Tips for physical exercises during winter

2. Types of recommended exercise

The important thing is to choose exercises that produce pleasure. Indicated would indoor physical activities such as:
- Shooting
- Badminton
- Swimming
- Fencing
- Fitness
- Handball
- Pilates
- Racketball
- Table tennis
- Tai chi
- Yoga
- Curling
- Judo.

To these, you can add various activities that could be done outdoors. It is important that any person to have the proper equipment required outdoors during cold winter days.

You can make long walks by foot or by bike on weekends. Winter sports outdoors requires additional protection against perspiration or frostbite, so the appropriate protective measures are required.

3. Tips for physical exercises during winter

Muscle warming – If a person has not done any physical activities for a long time or if he start a new exercise program, he should not exaggerate. The pace will accelerate slowly. Exercise will not last more than 30 minutes for the start.

Body always will be warmed for 10 minutes before physical activity. For this purpose you can go at a fast pace or to do a jog or for heating muscles. If exercise will be outdoors, wear several layers of clothing. Heat can be lost including the head, so we will consider wearing a hat.

Safety – If physical activity will be done during night, in the dark, are preferably well lit areas and wear reflective clothing. If it rains or if there is ice on the road will postpone outdoor physical activities.

Colds – Colds are common in winter but do not need to stop exercising if a person is sick. If the symptoms are not severe and general health is good, you can make physical activity. Otherwise, it will postpone sports.

However, it is important that people with fever do not play sports or physical effort. Fever over 38.5 is rarely a cold symptom. When a person has a fever and do physical activity, general health will worsen.

When an individual has asthma, should take care that when he goes out for physical activity to use an inhaler.



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