Pierced Individuals More Likely to be Alcoholics

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Body piercings and tattoos are increasingly perceived as nothing more than stylish trend in the western nations however a recent study carried in France discovered that those individuals with body art seem to consume more alcohol than other individuals without the body piercings and tattoos. The research is posted online and in the periodical Alcoholism.

Body piercings and tattoos are risky personalities

A number of earlier studies have regularly displayed that people with tattoos and body piercings are more probable to engage in threatening behaviors than the non-tattooed or the non-pierced individuals, said the corresponding author of the study, Nicolas Gueguen. These threatening behaviors encompass unprotected physical relation, theft, fighting and drinking.  Parents, educators and doctors must consider the piercings and tattoos as symptoms of drinking and use them to initiate a conversation concerning the alcohol consumption and additional risky behavior. However other researchers said that individuals with body piercings or tattoos might have them for different reasons like religious beliefs. The researcher was not engaged in the recent study however carried some of the earlier studied which were mentioned by Gueguen.

The researcher said that she was concerned about the tendency to perceive a piercing or tattoo and automatically stereotype or profile that individual as a high threatening individual as this might or might not be conducive for aiding them. For example a clinician, can spend little time evaluating concerning the present tattoos, however talking to them about safe tattooing etc. and consuming alcohol in general. They do this not because they have piercings and tattoos, but because they are in high danger age bracket. The result of the study was that those individuals with 1 tattoo were very same to those who had no tattoos. One should be very cautious about generalizing the tattoos and piercings.



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