Playing Sports Makes Bones Healthy

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Young individuals who play the load bearing sports like volleyball and basketball have decreased threat of osteoporosis later in their life, as per the recent study. The investigators measured the mass of bones of nearly 800 males who fell in the age bracket of 18-20 and gathered entire information concerning their exercise habits. After five years, the males again underwent the scanning of bones and submitted reports about their physical workout levels. Males who did extreme workout at the start of the research and those individuals who augmented their frequency of exercises at times of 5 years had much better possibility of building strong bones than those individuals who were not that active.

The investigators discovered that males who engaged themselves in load bearing sports for nearly 4 hours every week or more than this has a mean of 1.3% augment in density of hip bone. Males who continued to remain sedentary over the 5 years had a mean 2.1 percent reduction in the density of hip bone.

Osteoporosis and thinning of bones:

Thinning of the hip bones are more possible to break in later years of life, and hip fractures in males can result in serious complications and disability, reported the authors of the research, which also got printed in a periodical of Bone and Mineral Research.

Males who augmented their load bearing workout from the age of 19-24 not just developed more bones; however also had huge bones when contrasted to males who were sedentary at that time period. Large bones with extra mass tend to help and defense the individuals against osteoporosis. This is a disease in which the bones of the individuals turn out to be weak and porous over time and begin to fracture by the age of 50 years or later.



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