Polish Women in Labor for 75 Days!

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A polish female lied almost upside down in labor for approximately 75 days to protect the lives of her 2 premature infants ahead the 1st three fetuses developing within her, was born pre-term, could not survive and eventually died. Joanna Krzysztonek as a result gave birth to a boy Igancy and baby girl Iga 1-1/2 months shortly on 15th February at a neo natal medical care centre located in the south western Polish city of Wroclaw and proved the ides of lying in an embarrassing position for few weeks on end did not worry her. She says “I sighed with relief when I came to know that there was a possibility to keep the pregnancy and to let the babies have a possible chance to take birth successfully.

The principal of Wroclaw neo natal and obstetrics clinic where Krzystonek delivered her children, Mariusz Zimmer said, the doctors observed and managed to simplify her contractions however considered her to be in labor pain from the delivery of birth of the very 1st child.

Giving birth has a beginning along with an ending:

This process – which signifies the delivery – has a beginning along with an ending.  If the 1st kid was born that signifies that the birth has initiated, said Zimmer. The birth of human child particularly lasts amid 8-12 hours, whereas a full term pregnancy specifically lasts for 40 weeks. Taking help form her embarrassing position along with medical attention, Igancy and Iga’s term was 32 weeks inside their mother.  Igancy and Iga remained in the particular incubators, however were expected to get discharged very soon. Their mother had additional problems in maintaining her balance following leaving the strange bed of hospital, however now she holds and visits her infants regularly.

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