Poor Mental Skills Tied To Baby Fats

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Being fat is linked with diminishing memory and thinking skills in elder people aged amid 60-70, particularly those with elevated amounts of belly fat, as per a recent study. The research encompassed 250 individuals who aged 60 or above. They underwent numerous tests of thinking skills and measurements of their body fat. The investigators discovered that a high BMI was linked with augmented threat of poor intellectual performance in individuals aging 60-70. BMI uses the individual’s weight and height to calculate their amount of body fat. Generally a higher BMI signifies increased body fat.

The research also discovered that those individuals with elevated levels of belly fat seemed to have worse intellectual skills than those individuals who had least amount of belly fat.

How the study was conducted:

Amid the participants aging 60-70, those individuals who were overweight were elder, more probable to be men and more probable to suffer from problems like high blood pressure than those individuals who were not fat especially from their belly. There was no link amid the obesity and the diminishing intellectual or mental skills amid the individuals who were older than 70 years. This was revealed by a research which was published in the periodical age and ageing. The conclusions of the study can prove to be beneficial for the public health implications. The avoidance of being overweight especially central obesity may be significant for the avoidance of intellectual or mental decline or dementia, says the main author Dae Hyun Yoon, from the health care system in South Korea. He works at the Seoul National University Hospital. Though the research discovered that the obese adults aging from 60-70 appeared to have poorer intellectual skills, it didn’t prove that being overweight resulted the individuals to have worse memory skills.



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