Populace Challenges: What Happens With 1.2 Billion Teenagers?

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The coming generation of kids which has lived the main killers of early childhood now experiences numerous threats as they enter their adolescent age, which can range from car crashes to group violence to teen pregnancy to HIV aids, as per the extensive report, on adolescence from UNCF. This report observes for the initial time at the main challenges which face approximately 1.2 billion adolescents which it has defined as those who fall in the age bracket of 10-19 as they transform into adulthood from their present ages. Here are few main results which are also called the Progress for children: a research report on adolescent. The complete report is in the form of PDF and is obtainable from UNICEF.

The Raw Numbers:

Adults make up around 18 percent of global populace and additionally half or them reside in Asia. India is like home for the highest figure of adults at around 243 million, which is followed by the nation China, along with 200 million adults. The similar is factual for the least developed nations, where the adults make around 23% of the population, when evaluated against 19 percent in the developing nations and around 12% in the industrialized nations, as per a research report.

Violent deaths:

Though the researchers have administered to prevent most of the infections which are the main killers of the youngsters, the adults are not out of wood. As per the research repot around 1.4 million adults die due to injuries which are concerned with childbirth complications, traffic accidents, suicide, gang concerned violence , AIDS and many other. In few nations like Latin America, Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil, more boys die due to homicide as compared to suicides and car accidents.



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