Possible Cure for Leukemia Found in the Form of Fish Oil

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There are certain diseases that up to this date, cure is very hard to achieve. Hence, many individuals who are affected by these diseases which do not have any known cure are suffering from the burden and discomfort that these various diseases are giving them. Although there are already great advancements and improvements in technology as far as health care is concern, still there are some events which needs to be analyzed in order to come up with better treatment outcomes and effective treatment modalities. One of the most common diseases which are hard to cure is leukemia, a disease of the blood.  Usually, children are the major group which is affected by leukemia, and it is a must that necessary medical intervention should be given to these patients in order to help save lives.

In fact, according to a new study, fish oil can be use as a possible treatment for leukemia. This conclusion was based on the findings that fish oil contains certain compounds which seemed to have affinity with the leukemia stem cells. And researchers are looking to this compound as a potential cure for the said disease.

The new study which was published in the current issue of Blood involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from the compound known as D12-PGJ3 (delta-12-protaglandin J3). The researchers of the study used mice as the subject wherein 600 nanograms of the said compound were injected. Each mouse received this injection for about a week. During the analysis of data, researchers found out that those mice that were injected with the said compound were completely cured of the chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML).

Further analysis showed that D12-PGJ3 (delta-12-protaglandin J3) actually targets the stem cells which cause cancer in both the spleen and bone marrow of the mice. By this mechanism, the progress of the cell division of the existing cancer cells can be haltered, and thus, leading to the complete destruction of cancer cells.

Moreover, according to Sandeep Prabhu, who was involved in the study, Prabhu said: “research in the past on fatty acids has shown the health benefits of fatty acids on cardiovascular system and brain development, particularly in infants, but we have shown that some metabolites of Omega-3 have the ability to selectively kill the leukemia-causing stem cells in mice.”




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