Pregnancy and calories: how many calories do you need?

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Pregnant women have to face some additional needs for fetal development, but also for training, maintenance and operation of uterus, placenta and amniotic fluid. A woman’s body responds to these needs usually by adjusting the food it needs to run properly. During pregnancy, lower power consumption explains that for most women, pregnancy is progressing smoothly, without a significant increase of supplements.

Average caloric intake is 1800 – 2600 Kcal per day, a daily ratio lower than 1,500 kcal leads to a less than normal weight gain, which is associated with the risk of premature birth or that of a low birth weight (under 2.5 kg). Instead, taking excessive weight during pregnancy can lead to excessive growth of the fetus, which will not be born naturally, a situation that would require cesarean. Calories will therefore be tailored to your weight prior to pregnancy and pregnant women throughout the evolution of the 9 months of pregnancy.

The average caloric intake should be increased by 100 – 150 kcal per day in the the first quarter and 250 – 300 kcal at the late stages of pregnancy.



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